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13 February, 2019

Teach your Kids Sign Language with MaxiAids Flash cards, DVDs, Books & More

Teaching your kids American Sign Language (ASL) is extremely beneficial to their overall education, considering ASL is a universal language. Children can start learning at home as early as six months, or until their hand control is developed enough, in order to get a head start on ASL teachings when they go to school.

One of the many benefits of teaching children American Sign Language while simultaneously learning English is they will utilize both sides of their brain. Educational Playcare states research proves when children learn sign language at a young age it can have positive effects such as speeding up their speech development, increasing bonding between parents and children, allowing babies to communicate information before they can verbally speak, which gives them a way to express themselves before they can speak, thus leading to reduction in frustration in young children.

As your one-stop-shop for deaf aids and products, MaxiAids offers the lowest prices on the largest selection of American Sign Language aids such as flash cards, DVDs, books and more.

Teaching and Learning

The ASL House Flash Cards teach signs and vocabulary for items found in the kitchen and can be used for English or Spanish or Sign Language vocabulary development.

A Basic Course In American Sign Language

A Basic Course in American Sign Language, written by Tom Humphries and Carol Padden, features nearly 1,000 vocabulary items, illustrations, brief explanations and examples of some basic structures of American Sign Language.

Baby Signing Time Vol3 - A New Day DVD

Baby Signing Time Vol. 3 – A New Day is part of the Baby Signing Time Series is created specifically for babies as young as 3 months old up to 3 years and sets your baby's day to music with signs for everyday things in your baby's world: nature, weather, following directions, and more. 

American Manual Alphabet Poster

The American Manuel Alphabet Poster allows kids to practice their fingerspelling by signing along the images on the poster and it’s perfect for any age group learning ASL.

The Gallaudet Childrens Dictionary Of American Sign Language

The Gallaudet Children’s Dictionary of American Sign Language with DVD has more than 1,000 ASL sign drawings arranged alphabetically by English terms, plus delightful color illustrations for each sign. It also comes with a complete index of English terms for each sign, including synonyms.

First Signs On A Ring

First Signs on a Ring is a fun and new way to learn American Sign Language! Simply tilt the cards from left to right to see how to make signs. By tilting the cards, it allows you to see two images on one card.

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