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04 September, 2019

Make your world more accessible with the Cyber Eyez VR Hands-Free Device for the blind and visually impaired

Regain your independence in a sighted world!  Cyber Eyez is a hands-free electronic vision enhancement solution for the blind and visually impaired, enabling users to magnify up to 20 times. Using the power of the Samsung S9+ phone, the auto focus camera will focus near and far automatically.  This will enable the user to view far distances like watching television and sporting events, seeing street signs, and for close tasks like reading a book or newspaper.                   

Cyber Eyez has numerous offline and online capabilities. These features include:

  • Text to speech - Simply take a picture of the text and it will be read aloud to you. When offline it can read in over 100 languages. When online the unit uses Seeing AI software for incredible text recognition.
  • Object Recognition - When offline the system identifies over 1,000 common objects. When online the system uses the Power of Google images to recognize 16 billion images.
  • Color Assistant - will recognize over 1,500 colors.
  • Scan bar codes - When online Cyber Eyez will use the power of Google to scan and read bar codes.
  • Mood Ring Mode - Cyber Eyez has the ability to know peoples moods. Just snap a picture and Cyber Eyez will let you know if the person is happy, sad, etc.

Cyber Eyez is available in two versions powered by the Samsung S9+ phone:


The Cyber Eyez –VR -- (Item 608545) Includes the VR headset, Samsung S9+ and handheld remote (user has option to use remote or Headset touch pad). Also includes Lifetime Software Updates, Online Training and Free Tech Support.


Cyber Eyez Trifecta – (Item 608544) Includes the complete Cyber Eyez –VR unit plus a pair of discreet smart glasses and the incredible Cyber Eyez software. The Smart glasses allow you to go anywhere without drawing attention. The glasses attach to your Samsung S9+ phone with a holder and neck lanyard (included).  You can discreetly wear the Smart Glasses and have the ability to scan and read text, scan bar codes and much more. Cyber Eyez will pair with Bluetooth keyboards, braille displays and cochlear implants.

MaxiAids is here to offer the best products to help those who are blind, have low vision and visual impairment to help regain confidence and become independent.  Look to MaxiAids for products for the blind, deaf and mobility challenged.