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10 May, 2022

The Importance of Bedroom Safety

Ideally, if you or a loved one at home has limited mobility, the bedroom should be located on the main level of your home in order to eliminate stairs and other potential issues that can hinder independence. Wherever the bedroom is located, though, it should be a place of comfort and safety. You can add comfort and safety easily with the right bed and proper bed support, proper lighting and furniture, the elimination of any clutter, and more. 

Explore the products below that have been specially designed to improve and update bedrooms for those with limited mobility or similar issues.

Install Bed Rails

Also known as side rails, bedside rails and safety rails, Bed Rails provide support, security and stability when shifting positions or getting into and out of bed. Adding bed rails can help you or a loved one to live more independently.

Dual Security Bed Rail - 30 inches

Give Bedroom Lighting an Update

Improving and updating lighting in a bedroom will help to make movement within the bedroom safe -- no matter what time of day or night!

BIG Deluxe LED Color-Changing Floor Lamp

Add Seating That is Safe and Comfortable

It's important not to understimate the complexities that can arise for folks with mobility issues. A roomy and comfortable chair in the bedroom that also includes specialized features is just the thing for reading, watching television, or for resting -- with safety. A chair that can turn, roll and lock, and that has foot or toe activated brakes, is a wonderful and easy addition to the bedroom.‚Äč

Comfortek Seating Titan Armed Chair Turn and Foot Brake

Eating and Performing Tasks with Ease

A table in the bedroom with rolling casters for easier moving and re-positioning -- and that tucks safely and securely under a bed or chair so its not in the way when not in use -- is extremely helpful for anyone with mobility challenges.

Drive Over Bed Table

Other Bedroom Accomodations That Will Ease the Way 

Adding wall-to-wall carpeting in the bedroom will help decrease the chance of a slip or a fall. Furthermore, removing heavy or large objects from the bedroom offers space AND safety for the mobility-challenged. And for immediate, easier access to closets, go ahead and remove those closet doors.