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21 February, 2022

Living Your Best Life with Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common conditions in the United States, affecting more than 50 million people according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Approximately 1 in 10 Americans suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or gout, and another 21 million live with other types of arthritis. While it’s most commonly associated with elderly people, it can strike at any age and without warning; as many as one in five sufferers are younger than 45 years old. Arthritis symptoms include joint pain and swelling, stiffness, fatigue and difficulty moving around easily.

However, amazing gadgets for arthritis sufferers are aplenty!

Can Opener for Ring Pull Cans

You Can Do This!

Research suggests that staying active and keeping independent can help reduce symptoms like pain and stiffness. It might be tempting to stay inside your house where it’s comfortable—but doing so only exacerbates your condition. Having friends or family members often help you to open, close, hold and move things can also contribute to “giving in” to your condition and reduce your independence and self- confidence. Thanks to an array of products, including those in an arthritis product catalog, you can do this!

Soft Touch Scissors

Ableware Universal Built Up Handles - Set of 4

Living with Arthritis

If you’re living with arthritis, know that you’re not alone. Millions of people in America suffer from arthritis, but what should you do when that pain suddenly hits? Most are quick to reach for over-the-counter medication or an Rx by their doctor, but they might not be aware of all of their options. There are so many non-pharmaceutical helpers for arthritis such as kitchen tools for arthritic hands – and much more. By using them, you will soon get used to your daily routine as a person with arthritis who doesn’t always have to ask for assistance – so, amaze yourself and boost your day-to-day abilities with arthritis aids designed specially to help you.

Slippery floors are dangerous for those who have arthritic knees

Non Slip Hydro Rug Shower Stall Bath Mat

If flooring is wet or slippery, those who suffer from arthritis in their knees might find it difficult to move around freely and safely. So, what’s a person who wants to remain independent but doesn’t want to put themselves at risk of slipping or falling supposed to do? Well, for starters: make sure your floors are as safe as possible. Best of all, you don’t have to spend loads of money on fancy gadgets and specially-designed products; there are plenty of things you can use right now that will help keep you safer—and keep your wallet happy, too.

Arthritis Gadgets and Tips for Leading a Better Life

You may be able to live a better life as an arthritis sufferer if you use certain products or follow certain tips. The best thing that anyone can do to independently live with arthritis is to use items that will get them through their day more easily.

Check out some more helpful tools and gadgets that everyone should know about if living with arthritis:

Arthritis Gloves

PurrFect OpenRx

08 February, 2022

February is Low Vision Awareness Month

Each Day Brings New Hope, As Well As New Top-Quality Vision Aids
Designed to Help Folks with Low Vision Lead More Independent Lives

Low vision impacts approximately 11 million Americans – and it doesn’t discriminate based on age or gender. It is estimated that 1 in 12 people over the age of 40 will experience low vision, making it the leading cause of vision loss in adults over 40.

If you have low vision, there is help and there is hope. What’s more, there are solutions available to help you see better and live more independently, including specialized glasses, medications (if applicable to you), and superb low vision aids designed to improve and elevate your everyday life.

Assess Your Needs to Bring the Most Helpful Vision Aids into Your Life

  Orcam MyEye Smart
Before you buy any type of visual aid assess what your day-to-day needs are. This process is as simple as asking yourself things such as, “What am I trying to accomplish?”, “Do my eyes trouble me enough that it interferes with my everyday living?”, “Am I missing details while reading or watching TV?”, “ Do I have difficulty driving at night?”, “Are there any visual activities in which I participate in that can be improved by better eyesight?”   


Adapt Your Surroundings

A lot of simple changes and visual impairment aids, such as a Talking Watch,
can be brought into your life relatively quickly when you are open-minded about how things in your home should look and operate, as well as your welcoming of new and helpful products. 

For example, make sure that all of your kitchen appliances are labeled so they can be accessed and used easily. Don’t hesitate to ask others for help when trying to improve things at home; after all, one person alone cannot do everything themselves! And turn to visually impaired products such as Low Vision Magnifiers, a Call Button Kit, and so very much more.


Visually Impaired Products / Vision Aids You’ll Simply Love!

There are tons of great products that are designed specifically to help make life so much easier for those with low vision.

Try a Giant Calendar. With a Large Print Calendar, there'll be no more squinting and struggling to see the calendar or write notes for any particular day!

A Talking Color Detector offers you a wide range of useful applications - from checking the color of clothing to the ripeness of fruit.


Need a Walking Stick or Cane to help get around? No problem! Get one that is comfortable and portable and easy to use.

This Low Vision Month, go for it – make some simple changes you need for a more independent life. And always feel great about yourself and your capabilities!