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16 February, 2020

ASL Performing Art Theatres for Deaf Actors and Audiences

MaxiAids encourages those who are deaf and hearing impaired to pursue their hobbies, interests, dreams and life goals by offering hearing products and devices for the deaf that enhance communication, independence, confidence and freedom.

Theatres for Deaf Actors offer the opportunity to communicate their acting skills live on stage, entertaining their deaf and hearing audiences.  Plays in American Sign Language give those who are interested in acting a place to perform in theatres all around the world.


Deaf Actors

Although deaf characters have been portrayed on television since the 1950s, a deaf actor didn’t appear until the 1960s.  In the 1970s, most of the deaf character roles were played by hearing actors. Deaf actress Linda Bove, who was known for Linda the Librarian on Sesame Street from 1971-2003, taught sign language on the children's hit television show.

When Linda (who did live theatre acting and in 1970 made her Broadway debut) heard Sesame Street was looking for a “new face” in 1971, she auditioned and won the part. They created a character just for her. She became a role model for millions of deaf and hearing children.  "Linda the Librarian" is currently the longest recurring role in television history for a person with a physical challenge.

By the 1980s, roles for deaf actors had begun to increase. Some of Linda's other television appearances included Search for Tomorrow as Melissa Hayley Weldon.  She appeared on an episode of Happy Days in 1980 as Fonzie’s girlfriend. Other television appearances included 3 episodes of Law & Order (2010), Weeds (2012), Farscape (2003, 2004), and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in 2016.  

Sign Language Theatre

In 1991, Linda and her husband founded Deaf West Theatre, a well-known sign-language theater located in Los Angeles, CA. Deaf and hearing actors use ASL and spoken or sung English. Linda and her husband have produced more than 40 plays and 4 musicals, winning more than 80 awards for their work. Deaf West Theatre is now recognized as the premiere sign language theatre in the United States, winning a Tony Honor of Excellence (2003), and receiving the U.S. Department of Health’s Secretary’s Highest Recognition Award (2005) for bridging the gap between deaf and hard of hearing through theatre performance.

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09 February, 2020

February is Low Vision Awareness Month

selective focus photography of human eye

Low vision affects millions of Americans every day, making it hard to read, cook, shop, drive, write and enjoy hobbies.  This condition cannot be cured with eyeglasses, contact lenses, medications, or surgery.

MaxiAids can help those who have vision challenges live a fulfilling, happy, and independent life and enjoy everyday activities to the fullest. MaxiAids specializes in low vision products and has become a main shopping source for millions of people with low vision and visual impairment, offering thousands of items specifically designed to be affordable and easily available.

All ages young and old are effected by low vison. Some of the leading causes of vision loss in older adults are age-related macular degeneration, strokes, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, and glaucoma. Vision loss in younger people can be caused by inherited eye conditions, infectious and autoimmune eye diseases, or trauma.

According to the National Eye Institute, "People with low vision aren’t blind, but because of their vision loss, they may not be able to do everyday tasks like driving or reading. People with low vision — and their families — need to know how they can prevent further vision loss, make the most of their remaining vision, and maintain their independence."

Manage low vision with helpful products from MaxiAids that enhance, clarify, brighten, and magnify.  

Reizen XLSee Large Print Keyboard - Black on Yellow 802302

This Large Print Keyboard eases eyestrain and improves typing accuracy, featuring oversized print-- four times larger than the print on a standard keyboard. Hi contrast coloring with bold black print on bright yellow keys enhances the visibility.  It's great for everyone and especially helpful for those with low vision.


Jumbo Print Calendar by MaxiAids- 2020 9032003-20 Spiral bound giant print 2020 calendar opens to show the whole month of days, dates and holidays. This low vision calendar also includes pages for users to write notes and track appointments at top of each page.


Reizen BoldWriter Low Vision 3pk Starter Kit 455243 Bold points produce highly legible line width - ideal for those who are visually impaired or have low vision. BoldWriter Kit is the optimum selection for the low-vision community. Easy to see and read!


REIZEN Big Button Speaker Phone - Black and White 3055506 & White with Black Numbers 9254552 Large bright red flashing LED light signals incoming calls and has a  high volume receiver. Large numbers for low vision users make dialing out easier. Big buttons measure 1.25 inches and the numbers measure .75 inches.


reizen-big-button-speaker-phone-black-and-white reizen-big-button-speaker-phone-white-with-black-numbers


Coil AT Max Auto Touch 7x LED Illuminated Round Magnifier R8277 This magnifier offers a large, low-distortion field of view and uniform LED light across the lens for an easier reading experience for those with low vision.


Reizen Illuminated Watch - White Face - Black Numbers  E73410R This low vision watch features an extra-wide face that's 1.75 inches in diameter for easy viewing.


Lifestyle HD Video Magnifier 24-in LCD 357404 This is the most helpful magnification device for extended reading and writing comfort, viewing photos and pictures, and performing hobbies and crafts. If a low vision condition is limiting daily living activities, a LifeStyle desktop video magnifier can help to retain or regain independence and quality of life.


Reizen Low Vision Quartz Watch - White Face - Expansion Band - Unisex 701116 Big numbers to make it easy to tell time at a glance -- the ideal wrist watch for anyone with low vision.


Reizen Jumbo Super Loud Alarm Clock with 2-Inch Red LED 701810

A super loud alarm clock that's sure to be seen and heard. Ideal for those with low vision, this clock shows the hour and minutes on an extra-large 2 inch high bold red LED.


MaxiAids provides thousands of products for those with physical challenges.  Look to MaxiAids for low vision aids, blind accessories, low vision products, products for the blind and visually impaired, and those living with hearing loss and mobility challenges.

02 February, 2020

Thoughtful products for Valentine's Day

Show how much you care with assistive products for Seniors

and those with Vision and Hearing Impairments

From MaxiAids


person holding bouquet of flower


MaxiAids is proud to help those with physical challenges lead productive, easier lives. With blind accessories, low vision aids, products for the blind and visually impaired, deaf and hearing impaired, and those with physical challenges, we are happy to make available to you and your loved ones these items (and more) to enhance a lifetime of better quality living.

Tel-Time Large Dial Chrome Talking Vibrating Watch with Black Rubber Band 706220 See and hear time clearly with its big dial face and clear announcements,  ideal for those with low vision. They will never be late for an important date!


Tel-Time Curve Talking Clock  99*U6695 offers a smooth, curved design with 1/2 inch black numbers on an easy to read LCD display. For those with low vision, this clock is easy to see and announces time at the press of a button!


REIZEN Big Button Speaker Phone - White with Black Numbers by Reizen 9254552   See your incoming calls. Large bright red flashing LED light signals calls coming in so you don't miss an important call. High volume receiver and memory storage makes dialing out easy. This big button phone is ideal for those with memory loss, low vision, and hearing loss.



Reizen Mighty Loud Ear 120dB Personal Sound Hearing Amplifier 907077 This is a powerful hearing amplification device for the hearing impaired and those suffering with hearing loss. With its built-in microphone and hearing enhancement amplifier with 120dB sensitivity, they will hear their loved ones more clearly. A great gift for someone you know who has hearing challenges.


MaxiAids Ladies 4-Alarm Talking Watch - Black - Silver 7089911     This watch has useful functions for daily routines and has four talking alarms to remind her of four medicine taking times, or use the talking stopwatch to time and track activities.  This is a great functional watch for those with a little memory loss and low vision.



Reizen Talking Atomic Watch - White Face-Black Numbers-Expansion Band by Reizen 704013 This is a watch that sets itself!  Announces time, date, day of week, alarm status, etc. and adjusts for Daylight Savings-- ideal talking watch for the blind and low vision user.


MaxiAids Picture Care Phone with 40dB Amplification 303207

Put photos of the 10 most frequently called people on the phone, program their numbers in, and next time your loved one wants to call them they just push the photocall button and the picture. It's that easy to connect to those you love, especially when you put the photos in for them as part of their gift! Ideal for those with hearing loss and memory loss, they will appreciate such a thoughtful present as this one!


Reizen Extra Large Button Talking Alarm Clock  Reizen 702090

The large button talking clock announces the time and date with a loud, high-quality, English-speaking voice. While this alarm clock is a good choice for anyone, it is ideal for those who are blind or have low vision.  It is portable for home or travel. A great gift!


Reizen Dominos with raised dots - double six  90997

For low vision, visually impaired and those who are blind, a fun game of tactile raised dot Dominos will make a great gift this Valentine's Day.  Give to someone you love and enjoy a game of Dominos with them!


Reizen LED Lighted Oval Dome Magnifier - 6.5x  R6920 See even the finest details - no matter what the lighting is.  A great compact gift for someone who has low vision and is visually impaired; it will light up and magnify a restaurant menu, small text, or for a hobbyist who needs to see finer detail. They'll appreciate this thoughtful portable magnifier.


Reizen Elite Low Vision Playing Cards-Red-Single Deck  48705R  Large bold numbers will make playing cards more fun for those with low vision and visual impairment.

MaxiAids Braille Playing Cards- Brailled One Corner Only  402772 For someone you love who is blind, Braille playing cards will allow them to join in on any card game. With suits and numbers in braille, they will differentiate between kings and queens and spades from hearts!


Tel-Time Pyramid Talking Alarm Clock     Tel-Time 63905

For those with both visual and hearing impairment, the easy to use volume control offers loud volume settings including, beep or crow alarm. Delivers time reports with a touch of the large, black button at the top of this unique pyramid clock.


Neon Pink Bold Line Paper (209198) & Bold Writer 3 Pack by Reizen (455243)

Extra bold black lines are easier to see than standard writing paper, and super-sized (approx. 3/4-in.) spaces between lines, making both writing and reading easier- ideal for those with low vision and visual impairment.  Pad of 90 sheets. Pair it up with a set of bold writer pens and let the love notes begin!

        bold-line-paper-pad-in-neon-pink-with-black-lines-90-sheets                          boldwriter-low-vision-3pk-starter-kit


MaxiAids is happy to offer such thoughtful gifts this Valentine's Day for those you love with physical challenges.  Look to MaxiAids for all your product needs for those with low vision, blindness, hearing impairment, physical challenges and more.