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07 January, 2020

Cooking and Preparing Meals When You're Blind or Visually Impaired

Cooking can be a real challenge when faced with blindness or vision loss.  With the help of MaxiAids' assistive products for the blind and visually impaired, and a few pointers for successful preparation of meals, cooking and baking can be gratifying and less frustrating when using the right tools!  These assistive cooking items from MaxiAids will help make you feel more confident and independent in the kitchen.


Organization in the kitchen is extremely important to know where every item, spice, accessory, dinnerware and cookware is kept. Decluttering and keeping the space free of obstacles make navigating in the kitchen easier. Labeling your items for identification is an absolute must for differentiating spices, oils and other food prep items. It is important to always put items back in the exact place each time you are done with them.


Wear short sleeves above the elbow when working at the stove and oven. Use elbow length long oven mitts to handle pots and pans when removing them from the oven, and always set a timer to remind you when to turn off the stove and electrical appliances.

Place pot on burner before turning on the heat and always shut the burner off before removing a pot. Instead of a frying pan, use a deep-sided saucepan for frying; it is much safer and the oil won't spatter. Add ingredients such as rice and pasta to water before boiling to avoid the risk of getting splashed by hot water.


A double spatula will help turn and flip food for better control.  Always face saucepan handles to the same side so you know where they are at all times. This will prevent you from knocking them over. Use an electronic liquid level indicator for pouring liquids so you do not over pour.


Measuring cups and spoons are available with raised markings to help you measure accurately. When it comes to food preparation, there are many assistive items to choose from to help you prepare your meals more easily. Whether it's a non-stick, anti-splatter, or an easy-pour locking lid pot, our pots and pans have some safety features to protect you from burns and injury.


Small appliances help prepare meals fast and safe. From crockpots to toaster ovens with tactile markings to talking appliances, these kitchen cooking helpers are functional and space-saving.


Image result for a plate of food for a blind person"Image result for a plate of food for a blind person"

Serving food on a dish is convenient and easier when you refer to it as a clock face.  As an example; by placing meat at 12:00, grains at 3:00, vegetables at 6:00 and fruit at 9:00 will help identify food on the plate for you and your guests.

Plate guards help keep the food on the plate, avoiding a mess and fits on most dishes discreetly.

MaxiAids is proud to offer products for the blind and visually impaired, low vision products, low vision aids and blind accessories to make cooking and other tasks or hobbies easier and more productive.