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29 December, 2019

2020 Happy New Year from MaxiAids


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MaxiAids would like to take the time to wish all our customers a very Happy New Year.  We continue our mission to offer products that help make daily life more accessible and less challenging, especially when faced with physical disabilities.  Our products help you live life with more comfort and ease, give you more freedom inside and out of the home, and help boost confidence and self-independence.

New Year's Resolutions for 2020

As the New Year begins, we start to think about shifting old habits, adding something new to our daily lives, and change our thinking process by being more positive and having a better outlook despite challenges we face. The New Year is a start for adding more time for creativity, hobbies and passions, slowing down and taking in moments of relaxation, exercise and meditation, or perhaps learning something new; playing an instrument, taking an art class, learning a different language.  The idea of a new beginning, a new year-- gives us the opportunity to begin fresh every January 1st

How to put the annual resolutions into practice?

You can start by making a list and truly think about what is most important in your life that you want to add or change.  Is something not working for you? Do you feel negative, lonely or bored?  Are you faced with new health issues recently? Joining clubs and specific meet-up groups are a great way to make new connections, despite whatever life experiences are taking you in a different direction.  There are always other people who have similar circumstances and challenges as you.

A New Year filled with Adventure and travel

Travel companies now specialize in those who have physical disabilities.  Trips for the blind, wheelchair groups-- many travel tour companies research destinations, hotels, and excursions that accommodate those who have specific physical challenges and map out itineraries for their groups to make for an adaptable and memorable trip.

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Taking the time to volunteer boosts endorphins and makes you feel good when you help others.  Adding some valuable time for volunteering can do wonders for your own self-esteem while making other people happy.

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Every day is a new beginning

Thinking about what you would like to expand in your life -- New Years is a time for personal self-reflection.  Make this year a new and better one so each and every day can be enjoyed with a positive attitude and new mindset.

MaxiAids specializes in products to help boost confidence and self-independence.  Look to MaxiAids to promote better living when faced with physical challenges. -- Audrey Leonard

15 December, 2019

This holiday season... make time for playtime!

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MaxiAids provides modified braille and tactile games so blind and sighted people, young and old, can enjoy interactive play-- together.  For those faced with visual impairment, MaxiAids offers hundreds of products to make entertainment inclusive and fun.



The power of play is essential to the soul...

When it comes to leisure time, playtime is so important to our overall happiness. Psychiatrist Stuart Brown, founder of the National Institute for Play in Carmel Valley, Calif. states, “Play is a basic human need essential to our well-being as sleep, so when we’re low on play, our minds and bodies notice.”

Bring back the fun and gather up friends and family for some interactive enjoyment to stimulate social activities inside and out of the home. "Staying Young at Heart: Why Adults Should be Playing More"

Goalball Audible Ball with Bells                         

From board games to playing cards, Bingo and chess, and beeping balls for blind sports activities, our games have braille or tactile pieces to help with low vision, visual impairment and other physical challenges.  MaxiAids has an extensive selection of unique games, toys and learning aids to bring social interaction and fun into the lives of those you love.  


02 December, 2019

Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Seniors and the Hard of Hearing

MaxiAids for the physically challenged has an extensive range of items designed to improve the lives of seniors and those who are deaf and hearing impaired.  Make this holiday season gift-giving a thoughtful and helpful one with products to help ease the frustrations of hearing loss.

Reizen Loud Ear Personal Amplifier (907654) helps clarify the frustrations and struggles of not hearing conversations clearly. With 110dB gain, this amplifier has a built-in microphone for clear and loud hearing. Soft-spoken family members? Just turn up the volume and be part of the conversation with everyone!


Tel-Time Watches - Large Dial Chrome (706220) or Gold Tone (706221) Talking Vibrating Watches with Black Rubber Bands are packed with amazing features without sacrificing style or comfort. Hear the time and date on demand in a clear male or female voice, and the alarm function enables to not only hear the alarm time but also gives a vibrating and chime option to make sure appointments or reminders are not missed.


Serene HD 40dB Amplified Talking Cordless Big Button Phone (301230) allows freedom and flexibility for seniors, the hard of hearing and those with low vision; with 40+ dB (100 times) amplification, a super loud 90dB ringer plus visual ring flasher, oversized 5/8 backlit buttons, Talking Caller ID and talk-back keys that announce keys pressed to confirm correct dialing, this versatile cordless phone has it all. Makes a great gift this holiday season!


2-in-1 Combo Access 4 Alarm Clock with Vibrating Reizen Bed Shaker (934040) will alert to the telephone ringing or wake-up by flashing light, extra loud alarm, vibration, or any combination. For those with hearing loss, never miss a call or an appointment. Handle folds up and down for easy portability. Great holiday gift for the deaf and hearing impaired.


HearMore TV Premium Wireless Headphone Transmitter Set (914998) allows those who are hard of hearing or hearing impaired to privately listen to their shows at the volume they desire, without annoying others with extra loud volume.


Reizen Vibrating Five Alarm Pill Box (709824) helps organize daily pills and reminds with audible and/or vibrating alarms up to five times a day. Perfect for those with low vision, hearing impairment or those who need memory queues, this audible and vibrating pillbox will ensure your loved ones never miss their medication.


Reizen Shake-U-Up Vibrating Compact Travel Alarm Clock (700833) features a pulsing vibration alarm that is helpful for the deaf and hard of hearing and is also convenient for those who want to wake up without disturbing their partner.


911 Guardian Alert Emergency Phone (300911) provides peace of mind knowing that at the touch of a button you or a loved one can be speaking directly to a 911 Emergency Operator.


First Alert Smoke Alarm with LED Strobe Light for the Hearing Impaired (177010) features smart strobe technology which will pulse in different rates to tell if there is smoke or carbon monoxide. Life-saving strobe lights will give peace of mind to seniors, the deaf and hearing impaired.


Serene Renew Hearing Aid Dryer and Freshener (831001) keeps hearing aids dry, clean and germ-free. It features a powerful UV light that inhibits bacteria growth which can cause itchy ears. With its built-in battery tester and compact size, your loved ones will never be without their hearing aids!

MaxiAids offers thousands of items to choose from for those who live with physical challenges.  They will appreciate the thought you have given in making their lives more accessible and enjoyable during this holiday season.