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23 September, 2018

Starbucks is brewing up its first U.S. "signing" café for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired-- scheduled to open in October 2018!

StarbucksStarbucks is getting ready to open their first U.S. signing store location for the deaf and hearing impaired in Washington D.C. Inspired by their first signing store in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia which opened in 2016, Starbucks is continuing their mission to promote accessibility, diversity and employment for the deaf and hard of hearing community. 

The signing store will open in an area of D.C. that is known as a deaf friendly neighborhood near Gallaudet University-- a liberal arts university for deaf and hard-of-hearing students.  Many restaurants and local businesses in the area cater to the Gallaudet community. The existing Starbucks store at 6th and H Street NE will re-open in October with a newly revamped makeover which will include an open environment for communication.  They are incorporating aspects of "Deaf Space"-- the creation of space which enhances maximum visual access and encourages a relaxed and positive atmosphere for signing interaction.

The location will also feature exclusive artwork, a custom mug designed by a deaf artist, and a variety of enhancements to support the deaf and hard of hearing employee and the customer experience. Starbucks plans to hire 20-25 deaf, hard of hearing, hearing impaired and those with hearing from across the country with a mandatory requirement that all be proficient in American Sign Language (ASL).

Deaf baristas will have ASL aprons embroidered by a deaf supplier, and hearing employees who will wear an “I Sign” pin.  For customers who aren’t fluent in ASL, this Starbucks location will offer communication options for ordering and receiving beverages at the hand-off counter.  All these ideas that were created and put into motion are sponsored by the Deaf Leadership of the Starbucks Access Alliance.

"The National Association of the Deaf commends Starbucks for opening a Signing Store that employs deaf and hard of hearing people,” said Howard A. Rosenblum, CEO of the National Association of the Deaf. “Starbucks has taken an innovative approach to initiating and incorporating Deaf Culture that will increase employment opportunities as well as accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing, while at the same time educating and enlightening society."

"Creating a culture of belonging, empowerment, inclusion and diversity" is what Starbucks seeks to achieve.  Inspiring and nurturing the human spirit and embracing diversity helps to encourage innovation, economic and human growth, and new ideas."

MaxiAids encourages and supports the deaf and hearing impaired community.  Look to MaxiAids for products for the deaf, aids for the hearing impaired, alerting devices and hard of hearing products that assist in an active, productive lifestyle. --Audrey Leonard

13 September, 2018

Choose a path to well-being!

MaxiAids provides specialized, accessible workouts for the blind and those with physical challenges

Exercise ProductsAs summer is coming to a closing, school has begun, and the weather starts to get cooler, it's important to stay fit!  We tend to spend more time indoors when winter approaches and the days get shorter.  Making exercise a part of daily life helps improve strength, energy, and an overall feeling of mental well-being, helping to combat those winter blues...

MaxiAids offers fitness CDs, DVDs and exercise equipment to enhance the lives of those with disabilities.  People who are living with blindness, low vision, hearing impairment, arthritis, medical conditions and special needs are much more prone to poor circulation and muscle tone, poor posture, and excess body weight due to lack of exercise and sitting for long periods of time. With exercise options being offered for use in the privacy of one's own home, many of these guided exercise programs as well as exercise products will help with flexibility and keep people with disabilities physically and mentally stimulated.  When it comes to limited mobility, there are alternatives to help enhance strength and endurance, while helping to deliver those happy endorphins that seem to always kick in when we stay moving and fit.

How to Exercise if You Have Limited Mobility

The desire and necessity to safely exercise at home and have options to choose from have prompted the creation of CDs, DVDs and exercise products that specialize in motivational exercises for the blind, low vision, and those with physical challenges.  Morning and evening stretches with guided meditations can be found in some of these instruction sets. Beginning Yoga for the Blind and Visually Impaired is a 5 CD set which now offers yoga to the blind and the low vision community. Gretchen Hein, a certified yoga teacher and her partner, Marty Klein, blind author, workshop leader and yoga student, combined their knowledge and health concepts to bring a motivational and inspiring introduction to the basics of yoga with 24 basic yoga poses specially designed for those with little or no sight.

RN Mary Ann Wilson's most popular routines from public television series is now offered in a 2 DVD set called Sit and Be Fit which helps improve core strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, circulation and reaction time. They are fun rehabilitative movements with lighthearted music for those who are wheelchair bound or sit most of the day. Great for seniors and those who want to strengthen their upper body to avoid weakness and stiffness.

Products such as the exercise peddlers can be used for arms and legs, allowing a safe and gentle form of low-impact aerobic exercise that is ideal for stimulating circulation, and the resistance tubing and exercise resistance bands improve balance and daily living.

Look to MaxiAids for a variety of exercise products that enhance strength, mobility and motivation, products for the blind and visually impaired, and products for mobility  --Audrey Leonard

Before beginning any exercise routine, always check with a doctor.

04 September, 2018

Find Great Deals on Touch Watches at MaxiAids

Touch Watches Allow Low Vision Users to Hear Time Announced

Touch WatchesAs part of MaxiAids’ commitment to aid the visually impaired, blind and low vision in everyday life, we have everything you need to help you live a more active, healthy and independent lifestyle. With that said, we offer a large inventory of Touch Watches for both men and women. Talking Watches give users peace of mind knowing they can hear the time announced with the press of a button.

Simply checking the time is a luxury most of us take for granted. Telling time has become easier than ever with smartphones, tablets, computers and other forms of modern technology; we can glance over at our preferred method anytime we want to. However, telling time isn’t as easily accessible to the low vision community, which is why Touch Watches are rising in popularity.

MaxiAids offers Touch Watches in stylish designs and colors, that are user friendly and announce the time or date in a clear voice with just a touch of the watch face. In addition, our Touch Watches from Tel-Time offer an analog display and a large or extra large face for easy viewing. They look the same as your everyday watch, only offer features that give a sense of independence for those who are visually impaired.

Tel-Time women’s Touch Watches come in an assortment of colored bands that users can choose depending on their outfit or mood, such as aqua, blue, yellow, pink or white. The men’s Touch Watches come with a choice of expansion band, black rubber band or classic leather band.

We offer the lowest prices on the largest selection of low vision products for the blind and visually impaired. Our low vision devices include Braille products, canes, calendars, talking watches, computer products, magnifiers, music players/recorders, specialty sunglasses, and much more. MaxiAids has tools for the blind and those with low vision. Contact us today!