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29 November, 2018

Beat the stress this season with tips for a calm and happy holiday

December is here and that means the holiday craze is just beginning.  During this busy month of the year, it's important to take time for yourself and get plenty of rest and relaxation. Especially for people faced with special needs and are physically challenged, rest and relaxation is an essential part of emotional and physical well-being. 

With so many helpful products that enhance relaxation, comfort and a restful night's sleep, MaxiAids has you covered!  You can choose from a large assortment of meaningful items for yourself, or as gifts for those on your holiday list.

Enjoy the holidays and melt stress away with some of these tips from MaxiAids...

  • Try to get your 8 hours of ZZZZZZZZZZs
  • Take a nap when the opportunity presents itself
  • Stretch, exercise, meditate and deep breathe
  • Make time for what you love to do/hobbies, entertainment, etc.
  • Listen to music, read a good book, watch a movie
  • Drink lots of water and stay hydrated

Getting enough sleep is ultra important to keep your immune system at top notch,   particularly during the holiday season when life just seems to get busier.  With crowded stores and more social gatherings, people are more at risk for getting sick.  Make sure a restful night's sleep is in your nightly plan so you can feel your best each and every day.    

MaxiAids offers sleep enhancing products that help lull you into a deep night's sleep. Our sleep sound therapy machines help clear the mind and calm you with different choices of sounds.  Perhaps listening to a babbling brook or ocean surf to lead you into a restful dream... 

Sleep Sound Therapy Sleep Sound Therapy

The best way to relax is to support those parts of the body that hurt.  With moldable cushions, and contoured, support and massage pillows, search through our many soft, comfort-promoting products to give you or your loved ones relief from those aches and pains.

Pillow Massage

Exercise and stretching will also calm you and keep you from getting stressed during the holidays.  Look to portable exercise equipment and exercise DVDs to keep you or someone on your gift list on a healthy wellness path.  Give a boost of energy with exercises that get blood flow pumping!  Relax, energize and stay healthy with products to stay strong, fit and limber.  

Yoga Exercise DVD Exercise

If reading, watching television, and listening to music are your escapes from the holiday craze, MaxiAids has products that enhance hearing and helps with low vision so you can enjoy your books, movies and music.  Products such as text to speech readers, listening amplifiers, and magnifying eyeglasses will enhance your entertainment experience. 

TV Listening Amplified Devices
Book Readers Book Readers Book Readers Book Readers

Stay hydrated and energized!  Drinking lots of water is essential to help combat fatigue and achy joints, and will help boost exercise performance. Water delivers oxygen and transports nutrients throughout the body, lubricating the joints, and alleviating aches and muscle cramps from dehydration.  

Drinking Drinking Drinking

Keep up with your hobbies and activities that make you feel good emotionally as well as physically.  Staying fulfilled promotes happiness and well-being, enriches our lives, and takes our mind off of stress when we are involved in something we love to do. With lighted magnifying glass, page magnifiers, video magnifiers, tactile, talking and assistive cooking products and other gifts for visually impaired users, these helpful products allow those to continue their hobbies for reading, crafting, cooking and more.  

Hobby Light Cooking

Making time for yourself will keep you more relaxed and joyful, so that you can give your best self to others!   Stay healthy and well rested, have fun, and experience this holiday season with relaxation and comfort products, sleep aids, visual aids, and gifts for the blind and visually impaired.  MaxiAids is here to help those with low vision, blindness, hearing impairment, and physical challenges live a more rewarding and productive life. --Audrey Leonard

16 November, 2018

For a joyful, holiday year... Gift ideas for family members and friends with disability challenges

"What can I choose as a holiday gift? I want to help make life easier and more accessible for a loved one who has special needs..."

If it’s a gift for someone who is blind, has low vision, deaf, hearing impaired, arthritic, mobility challenged, aging, or elderly, the idea is to find the right gift to make a difference in that person's daily life.

Let us take the guess work out of your holiday shopping.  Holiday gift giving can be much easier right here at MaxiAids with our wide range of useful products that will help you find just the right item for that special person(s).  Thoughtful and functional gifts go a long way and will prove useful, as we offer many products that will assist in daily challenges inside and out of the home.

Holiday meals and the joy of cooking...

Does your family member or friend with vision impairments enjoy cooking? Make your gift giving a useful one and you will most likely get an invite to their next holiday meal!   Here at MaxiAids we offer products to aid in the kitchen and make food preparation enjoyable again.  With those who have low vision or can't see, products like talking measuring cups, liquid indicators, boil alerts, talking microwave ovens, and other helpful kitchen tools and accessories are sure to bring a smile on their face when receiving a holiday gift as functional as these kitchen and cooking products are. 

Speaks Volumz 3 Cup Measuring Cup Talking Microwave Oven Talking Digital Cooking Thermometer Liquid Level Indicator

The joy of reading...

When reading becomes an issue, why not choose a gift that turns text into speech?  What a great way to give your sight impaired family member a wide range of freedom in reading possibilities!  Open the door to fiction and nonfiction adventures, a favorite author, magazine subscriptions, newspapers, or anything they want to read.  What better way than to cozy up around the fireplace this winter and enjoy a good book while listening to the spoken words, or when out and about they can 'read' the restaurant menus. See our Book Readers, Reading Machines, The Readdesk Lite Plus Scanner Reader Magnifier and The C-Pen Reader Pen Scanner 

The joy of being on time...

How about a talking watch that will keep your loved one right on time?  With so many styles to choose from in all shapes and sizes, MaxiAids' talking watches are our top selling gifts to give all year 'round for those with low vision or sight impairment. Here is a Customer Favorite. Also New at MaxiAids! The Ultimate Talking Watches! If you want a BEST SELLER, select The Reizen Talking Atomic Watch - White Face-Black Numbers-Leather Band or The Talking Atomic Watch - Womens and Kids - Expansion Band or The Talking Atomic Watch - Womens and Kids - Leather Band. There is also The Ultimate Atomic Talking Watch in dual voice or The VocaTime Atomic Talking Watch - Black Case with Leather Band. All Great Watches!

Talking alarm clocks will wake them up and get their day started.  Choose from our large selection, including ones for travel. 

Reizen Atomic Talking Clock With Indoor and Outdoor Thermometer Reizen Talking Analog Atomic Clock

Bed shaker alarm clocks and vibrating bed shakers will alert when it's time to wake up!  Atomic bomb alarm clocks will wake the deepest sleeper.  Functional useful clocks and shakers for the hard of hearing sleeper in your life will "shake and wake" them this holiday season.   

The joy of light and magnification...

Folding task lamps and light up magnifiers are compact and functional gifts that will be appreciated by anyone who has low vision.  Our portable task lamps and light up magnifiers are perfect winning holiday gifts or stocking stuffers for the holiday season.

Ottlite Folding Task Lamp Black Magnifiers

Save your eyesight!  Choose from MaxiAids' new Wellness Series LED desk and floor lamps and make the healthy eye choice.  

Wellness Series Lamps

Also our video magnifiers will enlarge the smallest print, allowing those with low vision to help view documents, prescriptions and other important reading materials.  

Clover 10 Handheld Video Magnifier Humanware Explore 5 inch Handheld Electronic Video Magnifier

The joy of better hearing...

When gift buying for those with hearing impairment, MaxiAids offers so many choices for those with hearing loss.  Personal amplifiers help make listening to conversations and watching TV more enjoyable.  As loved ones begin to lose their hearing, do you find they're getting frustrated trying to hear what others are saying and missing parts of the conversations? Or are they blasting the TV volume so loud that it's disturbing others in the room or keeping their partner awake at night?  Our amplifier headphones will allow them to hear better and more clearly without disruptive background noise or disturbing others.  MaxiAids has so many choices of personal amplifiers and TV amplifiers that allow for better and ultra crisp hearing. 

Be part of the conversation again with personal sound hearing amplifiers!

Pocketalker Ultra with Earbud and Headphones Reizen Mighty Loud Ear Personal Sound Amplifier TV Listener Rechargeable Wireless Headset 40dB Wireless TV Listening Speakers Black

The joy of communication...

Big button cordless phones and speaker phones have large, easy to see numbers, ringer flashing features, photo ID calling options, amplifiers with incoming sounds, emergency features, calling alerts, and are hearing aid compatible. Give the gift of an easy to use phone that is caller ID friendly and stores phone numbers to make calling a breeze.  With so many to choose from, there is a phone that's just right for the specific needs of your loved one. 

Serene HD 40dB Amplified Talking Cordless Big Button Phone Reizen Big Button Speaker Phone White with Black Numbers Jitterbug Touch3 Smartphone Jitterbug 5 Red Jitterbug 5 Gray

The joy of comfort...

Seat cushions, back rests, Sciatica pillows... how about a bit of comfort for those suffering with aches and pains?  Anyone would appreciate gifts that assist in pain relief and offer some loving comfort.  Gifts that help alleviate pain will go a long way and will be greatly appreciated. 

If a family member or friend has arthritis, dexterity issues, or difficulties doing daily tasks, MaxiAids offers products that help make these tasks a little easier. 

Gripeez Ergonomic Built-Up Grip makes eating and brushing teeth easier.   For use with utensils, toothbrushes, razors, etc., these multi-purpose handles easily and instantly create a larger, more comfortable gripping surface-- ideal for arthritis, Parkinson's, and those with limited dexterity issues.

Gripeez Ergonomic Built Up Grip

Reachers and grabbers help reach and pick up items pain free, putting almost everything in easy reach.

Reacher and Grabber

At MaxiAids, our dressing aids help ease the difficulties of buttoning shirts, putting shoes and socks on, zippering clothes up, etc. We offer button hooks, fasteners, dressing sticks, shoe horns, easy laces, flexible sock/stocking aid, no-bend shoe remover, custom fit belts, leg lifter, zipper pulls and much more!

Dressing Aids Dressing Aids

The joy of mobility...

For those with mobility issues and use a walker, MaxiAids carries rollator and wheelchair accessories, including, mobility lights, baskets, totes, rollator seats and much more!  Convenient products that offer safety and carry belongings from room to room, or attachable lights that light up a path, are the ideal gifts for friends and family members who use wheelchairs, walkers or rollators.  They will truly appreciate the thought you put into gift giving this holiday season.  

Products that make a difference for all year 'round will always be the gift that serves most useful.  Making someone's quality of life improved upon goes without saying... that you have empathized to the needs of someone you love-- and there's plenty of joy in that!

Shop MaxiAids and you will find the right gifts for giving this holiday season.  When it comes to items that aid in the quality of one's life when faced with a disability challenge (or challenges), MaxiAids is the to-go-to source in finding products that help your loved ones live each day to their fullest.


15 November, 2018

Communication Access Card explains preferred method of communication for those with disability challenges

Communication Access Card

Now those with communication challenges can self-advocate for their preferred communication method.  Developed by Hawaii's State Disability and Communication Access Board (DCBA), the new Communication Access Card is a much quicker, convenient and comfortable way for individuals to show their preferred method of communication. 

A great tool for the deaf, hard-of-hearing, blind and deaf-blind to quickly inform another of one's communication needs, the card helps reduce the frustrations, awkwardness and distressing feelings experienced by those who have communication challenges.  The card is ideal for everyday situations, work, travel, events and emergencies, and will truly help those who face the difficulties and obstacles from others not understanding their needs of alternate communication methods. The card is customized to help break down those barriers and allow for a more productive and understanding conversation.

The card includes the person's name and type of disability with the preferred method of communication: sign language interpreting, writing, texting, lip reading, large print, or the use of assistive listening devices. It will also include tips for people who want to improve their interaction with the card holder.  Individuals who use the card may use it to reveal their preferred communication choice, but the card is not intended for any other purpose (not an official state identification card, not agency affiliated, not numbered or on record).

Communication Access Cards are available in two sizes; standard business card size (3.5 by 2 inches when folded) which easily fits in a wallet or phone pocket and a larger visor-sized card (8.5 by 5.5 inches) to keep in a vehicle’s visor or glove compartment in case of emergencies.  The cards are free at various locations statewide, including the Comprehensive Service Center for People who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or Deaf-Blind and Vocational Rehabilitation offices.

MaxiAids provides assistive products and high quality hearing products that help aid those with hearing challenges.    For those who are blind or suffer from low vision, choose from many products we offer for the blind and visually impaired that will help aid in a more independent and better quality of life. --Audrey Leonard

05 November, 2018

Blind Iraq War Veteran Scott Smiley spreads hope and courage..... "Never give up in the face of hardship"

Scott Smiley1  

Scott Smiley became the first blind active duty officer and first blind company commander to remain in the U.S. Army after being blinded by a roadside bomb in Iraq during a suicide explosion in 2005.  It took some time for the Officer to accept his new life, but with his supportive and encouraging wife Tiffany by his side, he began to focus on his new life rather than focusing on the hardship.  He wanted to find the good that can come from these challenges, triumph over the loss of his sight, and inspire others in the process. 

Leading a life of inspiration, Smiley went back to school to earn a Master of Business Administration from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business. He was also a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy, and went on to teach military leadership at West Point and to command the Warrior Transition Unit at West Point's Keller Army Medical Center. Smiley earned the Army's prestigious MacArthur Leadership Award, an award which recognizes junior officers who exhibit duty, honor, and country-- the ideals implemented by Gen. Douglas MacArthur.
  Scott Smiley4  
Smiley still does the same things he did before; he just does them in different ways.  Besides  surfing, skiing, and skydiving, he climbed Mt. Rainier, completed an Ironman  triathlon, was named soldier of the year by The Army Times in 2007, won the MacArthur leadership award, and received an ESPY award as Best Outdoor Athlete in 2008. His book Hope Unseen was published in 2010 and he has been invited to speak to large groups nationwide-- inspiring athletes, Olympians, businesses, and students.  A father of three sons, he has since retired from the military in 2015, and currently works with the capital markets department at Drexel Hamilton, LLC (a New York State certified service-disabled veteran-owned broker-dealer firm which offers meaningful employment opportunities to disabled veterans), working as an investment banker for corporations and banks around the world.  In May of 2017, he was inducted into the New York State Senate Veterans’ Hall of Fame by Senator Bill Larkin.  In October of 2018, Scott recently appeared on the Dr. Phil show to talk about a reading device that turns written text into speech.
Smiley is a regular contributor to national and local media organizations, and his stories of hope, inspiration and overcoming obstacles and adversity currently continue to spread all across the country on television news and talk shows, as well as corporate and private events.  Scott and Tiffany also work with government officials to improve veteran care programs.
Some of his words to live by:
  • Serve others. "Give back more than we receive." 
  • Live with purpose. "No matter what trials and tribulations may face us, if we stay the true course we can live with a purpose."
  • Lead by example. "Understand what you're asking others to do.  You shouldn't lead an organization unless you understand the mission."
  • Persevere. "Life is worth living.  We all go through trials and hardship. Working through those trials, we all can improve."
Visit our low vision aids, blind accessories, assistive aids, and products for the blind and visually impaired to help improve independence inside and out of the home.   --Audrey Leonard