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30 October, 2018

Safely Navigate in the Dark!

MaxiAids sheds light on mobile night vision products-- helping those with low vision and disability challenges feel safer in the dark
As Eastern Standard Time approaches and the days get shorter and the nights become long, safety is our main concern when people are faced with low vision and other disability challenges.  When both hands are needed to maneuver safely down a stairway or hallway, or when using a walker or wheelchair, MaxiAids offers hands-free mobile lighting for a safe and well-lit environment.  Our goal is to make life easier in helping those with low vision see better and feel more secure and confident while navigating in the dark. 
Our hands-free lighting products are ideal for:
  • night trips to the bathroom and kitchen
  • dimly lit garages, basements and closets
  • driveways and yards
  • dark parking lots and shopping centers
  • parks and night sports games
  • hotel hallways
  • dark theaters
  • night walks outside
...or anywhere the light is dim and surroundings are unpredictable.  Portable hands-free mobility lights can truly be a life saver!
Look to MaxiAids in finding on-the-go, hands-free lighting products to suit your individual needs.
Mobile lights that attach to a wheelchair, rollator and walker are a convenient way to light up an area inside and out of the home, while freeing up hands while you safely guide yourself to a desired destination.  
Light & Go Handlebar Light
Mobility Light for Rollators and Walkers Mobility Light for Rollators and Walkers
Adjustable ear loop, hands-free light is a discrete and comfortable way to improve night time clarity in the dark. Mini Ear-Mounted Night Vision LED Light
Mounted Night Vision LED Light
A clip light that clips onto a cap or visor gives the convenience of lighting up a pathway  Quarrow 50 Lumen Clip Light 
Quarrow 50 Lumen Clip Light
Head lamps that are worn like a headband are ideal for in and around the home, and during power outages and blackouts
Head lamps Head lamps

Motion sensor lights which can be mounted where light is needed the most will provide that extra safe security lighting in the home. 

Motion sensor lights Motion sensor lights

Let MaxiAids help light up your world! Discover more lighting products, low vision aids, low vision products and products for the blind and visually impaired 

22 October, 2018

Blind Man Sets World Record by Reaching Top of Europe's Tallest Mountain

Jack Garner

Jack Garner is the first British blind mountain climber to reach the top of Mount Elbrus, Europe's tallest mountain, facing over 50 mph winds and minus 35 degree wind chills.


Despite eight days in freezing temperatures and challenging weather conditions, that didn't stop 23 year old Jack Garner from completing his mission to the top of Mount Elbrus-- Europe's highest mountain between the Russian and Georgian border among the Caucasus ridge and considered the tenth most prominent peak in the world. 

Blind since he was 11 years old due to a genetic condition, Jack began to train as an athlete in many competitions, challenging himself to help him cope with the traumatic loss of his sight.  He began bungee jumping and sky diving for charities, and aimed to break a world record one day-- to be the first blind man to ever climb Mount Elbrus. 

In 2015, he accomplished a six day climb on Tanzania East Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro--the tallest freestanding mountain in the world.  In 2016, he did an eleven day trek on Mount Everest in the Mahalangur section of the Himalayas, and now in 2018, he climbed the 18,510 foot high Mount Elbrus, an eight day climb despite the odds.  With a team of four climbers and two guides from Cumbria-based mountaineering company Adventure Peaks to help guide him, the crew together reached the peak while using an ice axe to scale the dangerous mountain.  He was taught to use the ice axe on this expedition, as the crew encountered obstacle after obstacle due to the treacherous conditions.

"It was my first time walking on snow and ice. It took a bit of getting used to," Jack said, adding that one of the guides, Paul Ethridge, "coiled the rope around his hand" to keep two meters between them. I had to be careful not to walk too close to him because I didn't want my crampons to dig into his heels." 

"The Guinness World Records confirmed that no man had beaten his record-setting scale," Mr. Ethridge stated.  According to Phil Kirk, expedition expert for Adventure Peaks, "Jack's very high level of physical fitness was clearly an advantage, allowing him to summit before any other team that day, and we certainly think he is capable of going on to climb higher mountains if he wishes."

MaxiAids sells products to help achieve independence, success and to help conquer goals, obstacles and challenges.  Look to MaxiAids for low vision aids, blind accessories, low vision products and products for the blind and visually impaired.  --Audrey Leonard

15 October, 2018

It's Game Time!

MaxiAids offers recreational board games, card games and more for the blind and visually impaired...

Bingo Cards Cherry-O Checkers and Chess Game

With tactile games and braille game pieces, MaxiAids offers many games that are designed for both the blind and sighted so everyone in the family can play. Encouraging children, young adults, parents and grandparents to "play together" and participate in family games is rewarding, creating that bond many families today are lacking.  Those who are blind, suffer from low vision and have sight impairment can participate in social games along with their sighted family members and friends, encouraging this well needed and healthy interaction.
In today's busy and over stimulated society, technology has pulled our time and attention away from our loved ones, leaving family members and friends absorbed in their tech devices, isolating themselves in their rooms and offices, and taking long stretches of time alone on their computers, tablets, cell phones and other tech media.   Surfing the net, playing video games, internet shopping, reading emails, and spending hours on social media sites leave us in a constant state of distraction, not being fully present, and taking us away from what's truly important-- the communication we crave and need from our family members and friends.  It's no wonder why family interaction and socializing in the home has taken a nose dive in our culture.

Scrabble Games Monopoly Games Domino Games

As winter approaches and we tend to spend more time indoors, make game night (or game day) something to look forward to.  MaxiAids has a huge selection of fun adaptive games for the blind and visually impaired such as Braille and Low Vision Monopoly, Super Big Boggle, Deluxe Scrabble for Low Vision, Checkers and Chess sets, Tactile Connect Four and Tic-Tac-Toe games, Dominos with raised dots and much, much more.  You will also find a great selection of unique Braille, tactile and low vision board games for people of all ages and ability levels, as well as cards and accessories, dice, Scrabble replacement tiles and more.     

Bingo Cards Cherry-O Checkers Game

From Braille playing cards and easy to see low vision playing cards to BINGO cards, playing card holders and automatic card shufflers, you will find everything you need to make your game night as inclusive and comfortable as possible for blind and low vision players. We also carry popular decks of Braille UNO cards, Yahtzee, Scrabble Slam, Skip-Bo, Linkology, Pit - Corner the Market and more!     

Yellow Ball White Ball beep Football beep

MaxiAids has accessible beeping balls and audible balls for the visually impaired that help anyone with low vision feel included when playing their favorite sports.  Our wide selection of adaptive audible balls includes balls for soccer, basketball, football, rugby, cricket, softball and more!  When the weather cooperates, get outside for some exercise and have a family ball game! 
Encourage your family and friends to spend quality time together with interactive games everyone can play.  Look to MaxiAids for more recreational games and products for the blind and visually impaired, blind accessories, low vision products and low vision aids


08 October, 2018

Tony Giles - Blind World Traveler and Writer

Tony Giles travels the world solo-- and without sight!

Tony Giles 1  
Tony Giles 3  


Tony has already visited over ten countries or more so far this year in 2018...

Tony's travel biographies are on his observations and crazy adventures as he travels the globe.  After numerous television and radio appearances, Tony enjoys every moment and claims that his sense of smell, taste and touch have let him experience all the wonders and beauties of the world.

“I can travel blind because of four things – confidence, wanting to travel, good mobility skills and good planning.  That’s all anyone needs." 

MaxiAids offers products specifically designed to assist those with special needs while promoting a healthy, active and independent lifestyle.  We specialize in product solutions for the Blind, Visually Impaired, those with Low Vision, the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Disabled, Seniors (Elderly), Children, and the Special Needs of those with Medical Conditions. Our goal is to bring you the best products available, including the latest innovations to help you live every day to the fullest!

MaxiAids has portable travel accessories for the sight challenged adventurer.  See our... 

- Portable vibrating alarm clocks
- Braille, talking, and vibrating travel alarm clocks and bed shakers
- Portable pill and vitamin organizers
- Money organizer wallets
- C-pen reader pen scanner
- Adjustable folding canes
- Inflatable travel pillow
- Identifiers and labelers
- Alerting indicators
- Braille watches

and more!

Read about Tony here...

Born in England in 1978, Tony was nine months old when it was discovered he had a rare genetic visual impairment.   Born with cone dystrophy and photophobia-- there were no color nerves in the back of his eyes.  This exposed the optic nerve to light, forcing him to spend much of his earlier life in darkness. Tony was given dark glasses to wear inside and outside until about the age of 15.  Around the age of 10, the light vision began to decrease.  On top of it all, at the age of 6, he was partially deaf in both ears.  At that time Tony was given analogue hearing aids.  Now he wears digital aids giving him back some hearing capacity in a quiet room with one-to-one conversation.  

At age 10, Tony attended boarding school for the blind and visually impaired which completely changed his life and helped him gain independence and mobility training.  He learned to use a long cane and navigate his way around, finding objects, crossing streets, going into shops, getting safely on buses and trains-- using public transportation to find locations.  His first travel adventure began on a school trip, visiting Boston, Massachusetts in 1995.  In 1998 he visited New York and Washington D.C., which lead to other trips to California, New Orleans and Hawaii with a fellow student from Australia. These trips completely sparked his desire for travel, besides the travel adventure stories told to him as a young boy by his father (who was in the merchant navy before Tony was born).  These stories excited him, planting the seed for future adventures.  Also spending time away from his family increased Tony's need to make frequent home visits, traveling back and forth independently.

Attending a mainstream college in 1998-2001 with students who were not blind and disabled, Tony was given a grant from his Local Education Authority to purchase computer equipment with speech software.  "I was a confident typist, having been taught touch typing at school, but speech screen-reading software was still at a reasonably early stage and I hadn’t been exposed too much at that point. I can touch type without speech, but having software that reads every letter I type and, the entire screen if I command it, makes studying, researching and writing much easier. I employed fellow students to help me research books, find quotations and correct my spelling and grammar. I have a scanner with speech software which allows me to read any typed text including my post (mail). This vital piece of equipment enabled me to function at the university at the same level as sighted students. I had to scan the books myself and then listen to the entire text. This took twice as long as a student reading with sight, but it made me more determined to learn."

Loving new adventures and exploring the unknown...

Between 2001-2002, Tony backpacked by himself without any aid to Australia, New Zealand, South Vietnam, and Thailand.  With complications of high blood pressure and kidney failure, he underwent a kidney transplant which took him three months to recover from.  Now in 2018, he has since traveled to over 130 countries around the world independently, not allowing his disabilities or health issues slow down his travels.  He travels nine months out of the year.

Providing mobility has been MaxiAids' priority in enhancing the independence of the blind and sight impaired.  Explore our range of mobility products, products for the blind, low vision products, low vision aids, blind accessories, and hearing amplification devices to help you to succeed in an active lifestyle.  --Audrey Leonard

01 October, 2018

Wegman's Supermarket Chain offers the Blind a new "visionary" way to navigate and shop throughout their grocery stores

With lots of new technology and products that are offered today, people who are blind or have low vision now have choices and opportunities to improve their independence and shopping experience.

Wegmans SupermarketBlind Shoppers will now be able to navigate throughout the store, select items and complete purchases with ease.  With the aid of a smartphone app designed for the blind and visually impaired, Wegmans supermarket chain is offering this service free of charge, giving assistance to their blind and low vision shoppers for a stress free and positive shopping journey. They're the first supermarket to offer help for the blind and low vision customers to do their own grocery shopping based on the use of a smartphone camera. Live agents help track the client's shopping excursion throughout the store.  Trained professional agents help the shopper find specific items during their shopping trip, safely navigate their way around the aisles, and help to make purchases.  It turns front cameras on so the agent can see what the shopper is in view of.  Each agent is trained in orientation and mobility to help blind shoppers navigate in a safe and busy environment.  This gives real time visual descriptions to the blind shopper with the smartphone camera or a pair of smart glasses, receiving on-demand assistance.

How MaxiAids proudly serves the needs of the blind shopper

MaxiAids has been serving the blind and low vision community for over three decades, making available products for the blind, low vision aids, blind accessories and assistive technology.  We continuously look for products for those who are challenged with sight loss, and are pleased to offer many of these products to help conquer those day to day challenges.  Our shopping aid products and kitchen and cooking tools will surely help the complications and confusion that vision impaired people face on a daily basis.

iBill Money Identifier








The iBill Talking Money Identifier gives a quick, easy, reliable way to identify the bills used to pay for items, as well as the change received  in stores, restaurants, or anywhere a person goes. When paper currency is inserted into the slot and the button is pressed, the iBill Talking Money Identifier announces the dollar amount in U.S. dollars.

Color Identifiers

MaxiAids offers Color Identifiers that check the color of clothes and the ripeness of fruit while shopping. When the identifier is held in front of almost any surface - paper, cloth, wood, plastic, etc., the color will be spoken. 

Identifiers are an important tool for those with low vision to be able to hear what the identifier sees, and the product comes in four different languages to choose from. 

Pen Friend 2

Product labelers are ideal products for the blind and visually impaired to help identify products at home by creating labels that can speak back to them. Audio labelers allow you to label anything and everything with discreet audio labels all in your own voice. They're used to label food/freezer items, film/music collections or household objects. Organize letters and other paperwork. Record shopping lists or leave audio messages, or use it as a portable note-taker.

Other labeling systems help label clothing items, kitchen spices, food items, vitamin and medicine bottles, household cleaners, files, or other items that may be difficult for the blind and visually impaired to distinguish from one another due to their similar (or identical) shapes.

MaxiAids offers assistive kitchen and cooking aids that will bring functionality and joy back into the kitchen. With talking measuring cups, talking scales, Braille microwave ovens, and many other blind accessories for cooking and food preparation, our assortment of low vision products and low vision aids for the home are sure to make life a little easier when cooking up a great meal! --Audrey Leonard

MaxiAids offers many products that promote accessibility and independence to the blind and low vision community.  Look through our many products for the blind and visually impaired to make life more productive inside and out of the home.