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03 March, 2016

Searching For 20/20 Pens

A Tale of Low-Vision Pen Obsession

Lately, we've all gone a bit pen crazy here at MaxiAids . . .

One of our most popular products was unexpectedly discontinued by the manufacturer. Now, aside from our desire to give our customers what they want, no business likes to lose a bestseller. The product was the 20/20 Pen™.

Our Wholesale Purchasing Department could not hunt down any substantial quantity of the product. In fact, even though I'm not in Purchasing, I tried to help out by personally calling the manufacturer to try to score some stock that might have been forgotten in some corner of one of their warehouses. But no luck. Not a single carton.

I confirmed that the manufacturer had no intention to make a new direct replacement. The company decided to streamline their product selection and felt the 20/20 Pen™ unnecessarily duplicated their Sharpie™ line of marker pens.

Now, we love Sharpie™ markers. I mean, who doesn't? They are really super writing instruments. And for some tasks and on some surfaces, they are clearly the best choice – so we stock, sell, and often recommend them.

However, many of our customers prefer to make their appointment entries on our Jumbo Appointment Calendar and write their shopping lists with marker pens that have a bit less bleed through. So our Purchasing Department came to the rescue by contacting all their suppliers and brought in other low-vision pens, like the Pilot Bravo!™ that would meet our customers' needs.

Because most people prefer a variety of choices, we also offer the budget-priced Economy Low Vision Pen™. This is a slimmer-designed, very affordable option.

But we didn't stop there. Oh no. O-as-in-obsession no.

With all this frustrating, laser-focused searching for the 20/20 Pen™ our Owner and Business Manager decided that they never wanted MaxiAids, or our low-vision customers, to be at the mercy of some other company's business decision.

The King (namely the 20/20 Pen™) is dead, long live the King!

MaxiAids, under our proprietary Reizen™ brand, is now the proud manufacturer of the BoldWriter 20 Pen™. 

We believe this will soon become a customer all-time favorite, destined to replace any fond memory of the old 20/20 Pen™. After all, it has to be darned good because it successfully stopped the Must-Get-Low-Vision-Pens OCD Express we all were riding on.

So what's the big deal about low vision pens?

Almost nothing is more frustrating than not being able to read something you yourself have written. If it's a matter of sloppy handwriting, you have no one to get annoyed at but yourself. But when it’s due to the writing looking too faint, light, and thin, it feels like your pen betrayed you.

And for the visually impaired and all those who live with low vision, not being to read the time of your next doctor's appointment on your calendar is a serious issue. That is why a pen that produces deep black, vivid, bold writing, yielding high contrast is so important.

A disability should not be allowed to define us or the life we lead. Every day we see our customers with disabilities choose solutions to make their lives more independently livable. 

Low vision is a very common disability, especially for our aging population. Low vision means that despite all possible medical correction – including prescription eyeglasses – you still need help to see and read. Luckily, there are many assistive and adaptive products available for low vision. This includes illuminated magnifiersvideo magnifiers, talking devices, and so much more. But the least expensive, most useful item – in addition to a handheld magnifier – that you will use every day, is a low-vision pen.

If you have low vision  or know someone who does – check out the end result of our low-vision pen quest:

BoldWriter 20 Pen™ is the easy-to-read pen for those without 20/20 vision

"If you're going to write, write boldly . . . The BoldWriter 20™ is the high-visibility pen for those with low vision."

BoldWriter 20 Pen

Major Features:

  1. Easy-to-see and read with incredibly vivid, high-visibility, black ink
  2. Quick-drying ink doesn't smudge or bleed through paper
  3. Bold point produces highly legible line width – ideal for low vision and the visually impaired
  4. Superior Quality - Made in the USA


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