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30 November, 2016

To Have A Wonderful Life, Live A Maximum Life


Over the past thirty years, the men and women at MaxiAids have put the most helpful assistive products into the hands of people with special needs to help them live their Maximum Life. This is because their sincere belief is that everyone deserves to live their Maximum Life.

Want to live a Maximum Life?

So, what exactly is a "Maximum Life"?

Our definition is:

"A Maximum Life is the best, most independent, daily life possible – given one's present circumstance and current physical condition – with help from assistive, daily living aids."

That's what we mean when we say:

Live Your Maximum Life with MaxiAids™

— and —

Give Loved Ones A Maximum Life with MaxiAids™


In order to achieve this goal, MaxiAids offers an amazing assortment of thousands of assistive products for the blind and those with low vision; the deaf and hard of hearingseniors; as well as the physically challenged and disabled.

How to Launch a Maximum Life

Launch a Maximum Life

"What time is it?"

You look at your watch and the hour and minute hands are a bit blurry. And then a glance at the numerals makes you wonder when they shrunk to get so tiny?

Perhaps it's time to consider a Large-Dial Wristwatch, a Talking Watch, or maybe an Atomic Talking Watch.


"What did you say? Can you repeat that?"

If your average phone call includes a lot of this type of frustrating conversation, then it might be a good idea to check out an Amplified Telephone and make your phone conversations enjoyable again.


"Why do they make the print so small on prescription bottle labels, clothes tags, menus, and bills?"

If this is a bothersome issue for you, kick yourself for putting your poor eyes through the unnecessary torture of squinting day in and day out. There are probably more magnifying devices available than any other assistive aid out there. There's Pocket Handheld MagnifiersIlluminated LED Magnifiers, Portable Video Magnifiers, etc. You'll be amazed how a quality magnifier will change the quality of your day-to-day life.


"But I have eyeglasses, why can't I see as clearly as before?"

You may have eyeglasses, but you also may have "Low Vision." Yes, there is a name for this – you are not alone, it's a relatively common condition.

Now, first things first. Go to an Ophthalmologist for a thorough eye exam. If they verify that your prescription is correct and that there are no other medical causes, there's a host of low-vision products to help you.


"Oops! I tripped and almost fell on the way to the bathroom when I woke up last night."

If you've had a heart-stopping fright like that, you know one close call is all you ever want to have. In the light of day, clear every obstruction along your path; make certain there's no throw rugs, or wires, or anything else to trip over; and get a stick-on Motion-Sensor Night Light or plug-in Motion-Sensor Night Light so you can see where you're walking!


You get the idea...

There are so many solutions available to you once you ask the right questions. Don't just accept how things are. Ask what's needed to make your situation better. As has been said, "Ask and you shall receive."

The answer, like the truth, is out there – and right here on MaxiAids.

elephant in the room

The elephant in the room is asking a question, isn't it?

And that question is, "Has MaxiAids done a good job helping people live a Maximum Life?"

Well, what does this wall of plaques, awards, testimonials, commendations, and customer thank you letters tell you?

MaxiAids Plaques Awards Testimonials Commendations Thank You Letters

What you see is the happy ending of so many stories where MaxiAids provided charitable donations of products and funds to those in need and outpourings of gratitude directly resulting from our customers purchasing helpful products that enabled them to live their Maximum Life.

As you can see by the evidence on our walls, not only is MaxiAids doing something right – but it's doing some real good in this world. And that good is measured by our success in helping people live better daily lives.

Going forward, MaxiAids is fully committed to a future of continuing to assist men, women, and children live their Maximum Life by specializing in "gifts that matter...products that make a difference" because we continue to hope that everyone can have a wonderful life.