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22 December, 2014

4 New Years Resolutions in Just 8 Words ... and How to Keep Them in 2015

All of us at would like to wish you a healthy and Happy New Year. To make sure we kick off 2016 just right, here are 4 New Years Resolutions in Just 8 Words, as printed on our easy to see Neon Green Bold Lined Paper.

In 2016, we at MaxiAids Products for Independent Living will continue to strive to help our amazing and loyal customers. We are here to serve all of your needs, and we truly appreciate your continued support. 

Below are ways we can help you stick to the New Years Resolutions listed above, and we hope that these tips make a positive difference both this year and beyond.

New Years Resolution: THINK POSITIVE 

Resolution Solution: Light Therapy.

It's no secret that the winter months can lead to bouts of depression. One way to alleviate this is to make sure you surround yourself with plenty of light to combat the shorter days and longer nights. There are specialty lamps available that provide much-needed light therapy this time of year, and these lighting solutions can truly help improve your mood and keep you thinking positive in January 2015 and beyond.

New Years Resolution: BE ACTIVE

Resolution Solution: Add a little more walking and exercise to your daily living routine.

Adding a little more exercise to your daily routine may seem like a tough challenge, but there are ways you can keep track of your health and fitness throughout your day without having to really do anything different. This convenient talking pedometer can be thrown in your purse or bag and it will keep tabs on the amount of walking you do and the amount of Calories you burn. Getting positive reinforcement from this handy device can help spur on more desire for you to become more active.

When that happens, you can then pick up one of these extremely portable and affordable exercise peddlers that you can use whenever you have a few extra minutes to spare at home, on vacation or even at the office. You can also exercise more simply by grabbing one of these easy to use hand exercisers that can be used during lunch breaks, while watching TV or commuting to and from the office.

New Years Resolution: GET ORGANIZED

Resolution Solution: Use Calendars, Clocks and Medication Management Systems for Written and Audiovisual Daily Reminders

With the calendar flipping over to start a new year, now is the perfect time to get rid of the clutter on your desk and in your mind and give yourself a clean slate for 2015. Getting organized may seem like a daunting task, but once you take a few steps in the right direction you'll start to feel a whole lot better about managing important items in your daily life. 

MaxiAids offers amazing organization tools to really keep your household in order. Large print calendars like the 2016 Giant Appointment Calendar can really help you write down and remember important dates for events, meetings and doctor visits, while the Reminder Rosie Talking Alarm Clock with Personalized Voice Reminders enables you, your spouse or your caregiver to set up daily living reminders to help you manage your regular routine and take your medications at the right time. 

Speaking of medication management, this is one area that every person should strive to stay organized with heading into the new year. It is extremely important to make sure you take all of your medications at the right time, and this Automatic Pill Dispenser does everything you need to ensure that your medicine is properly and securely delivered to you on time.

New Years Resolution: SHOW LOVE

Resolution Solution: Be supportive of others and thank those who help you for their kindness.

Now is the perfect time to reflect on the people who are closest to you, as well as the unsung heroes who have supported you throughout the past year. Keep a piece of paper and pen with you and whenever you think of someone, list their name on the paper. Write down two or three positive things that you would like to tell them, and when you see them again, share your sentiments with them. This is a wonderful way to start off 2016 on the right foot with all of the people in your life who love and care for you, and they will surely cherish your words of gratitude and encouragement.

So there you have it, 4 New Years Resolutions in Just 8 Words ... and a few helpful ways on how to keep them.

We wish everyone a Happy New Year, and we are proud to serve you and be there for you in 2016, whenever you need a little bit of help.

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18 December, 2014

Our Story in 8 Minutes: MaxiAids Interview with The Daily Blu

Check out MaxiAids Director of Sales Barry Greenblatt and host Karin Caro talk about products that help people live healthy, independent and active lives. 

This is the incredible story of MaxiAids Products for Independent Living in just 8 minutes...

We'd like to thank Karin Caro, the staff over at BluChip Marketing and the amazing crew at The Daily Blu for their hospitality and for letting us spread the word that MaxiAids is here to help those who can use a little extra assistance in their daily lives.

Also, great job Barry! 

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Products shown in video:  

MaxiAids Giant Print Calendar 2015

MaxiAids Keys-U-See Large Print Keyboard - Yellow with Black Print

14 December, 2014

4 Helpful Tips to Make Holiday Food Traditions More Accessible

With the holiday season in full swing and just 10 days until Christmas, it's time to think about not just what holiday gifts will be under your tree but also what you will be putting on your dinner table. Some of the best (and most delicious) holiday traditions involve classic family recipes, from plentiful platters of food to delectable Christmas cookies that make anyone want to take home leftovers.

With that said, one thing that is often overlooked during these festive family gatherings is how to add a little bit more accessibility to the table in order to make sure that those who need some extra help can still enjoy the holiday food traditions they have come to cherish so fondly over the years.
Here are 4 Helpful Tips to Make Holiday Food Traditions More Accessible:
1. For plate settings, keep in mind those loved ones who have hand issues, low dexterity or arthritis. Arthritis of the hands has become a fairly common ailment among older adults, and when someone has trouble grasping or gripping objects with their hands, it can really take the enjoyment out of eating. When setting your dinner table for a holiday gathering, it's a good idea to write out a list of who is attending and see if they need a little extra assistance gripping onto their utensils. One cost-effective solution for dinner guests with hand issues are these soft, easy grip built-up arthritis handles that can be attached to any fork, knife or spoon to increase the gripping surface while adding comfort and stability to the dining experience. Something like this can be a real lifesaver for a parent or grandparent who has chronic hand pain, and it also goes a long way in showing your guest how much you truly care about them and their comfort level when they are eating in your home.
2. Organize your kitchen for food prep with accessibility in mind. It is inevitable that when you are hosting a big family gathering such as Hanukkah or Christmas dinner, you will be tasked with organizing your kitchen to make room for friends and relatives who are also fellow foodies and want to help you prepare the best meal possible. One thing that can happen with too many cooks in the kitchen are spills or slips when someone isn't paying full attention to the task at hand. In these situations, you can cut down on the accidents by sectioning off areas in your kitchen and creating specific food prep stations. When your cooking helpers arrive, kindly direct them to their designated area for that they will be doing, and make sure that anyone who is not helping to prepare the meal is entertained by others away from the kitchen. 
Also, to make sure there are no accidents in the kitchen, just like with the plate settings you should think about who will be helping you prepare the meal and how you can accommodate them. Chances are that grandma and grandpa will want to help keep family food traditions alive in some way, shape or form, and so you want to make sure your designated areas for them have the food preparation cooking helpers they might need to make sure they are safe in the kitchen. One invention that is sure to save a few fingers and avoid a trip to the hospital or urgent care center on Christmas is this EZ grip low vision cutting board, which is specially designed to grip your kitchen counter using four suction cups while the stainless steel corner plate / slicing guide holds the food in place. Solutions like this add accessibility to food prep and are sure to be appreciated by your sous chefs who could use the extra assistance while graciously helping you.
3. Stay cool and don't get burned by your oven. With all of those aforementioned kitchen helpers comes the chaos of recipes being recounted, side conversations overlapping each other, and other distractions. Because of this, it's important to take extra precautions to ensure that everyone stays safe, particularly around the oven. One misplaced hand when distracted can cause serious burns, and that is the last thing anyone should have to worry about when hosting a holiday gathering. That is why it is important to have the proper protections in place, and there are several solutions that can help promote oven safety in your kitchen. First, make sure you keep your oven mitts handy and close to your oven area. You may also find these Cool Touch Oven Rack Guards to be extremely helpful in preventing burns since they are designed to easily attach to most oven racks and snap in place to add another layer of protection when you need it most
4. Make sure everyone can enjoy their coffee, tea or hot chocolate with dessert. After the big holiday dinner is over and everyone has had a chance to catch up and converse, it will then be time for dessert. You've worked so hard all night long, and all that's left is to unveil the cakes, pies and cookies, then serve the coffee, tea or hot chocolate. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that some of your guests might be a little tired and so they may not pay as much attention when gripping and drinking the hot beverage that is in front of them. This is where your last bit of ingenuity comes into play for the night, by doing your best to make sure that your guests don't slip up and spill their drinks. All you have to do is invest in something like this ergonomic clip-on handle that easily attaches to any standard coffee mug and adds a stronger, more comfortable and stable grip that all of your friends and family members will appreciate at the end of the evening.
We hope you enjoyed this 4 Helpful Tips to Make Holiday Food Traditions More Accessible, and all of us here at MaxiAids wish you a happy and healthy holiday season, as well as a Happy New Year!
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