Bilsom Howard Leight Leightning L3 Earmuff

Manufacturer: Howard Leight

  • Robust steel headband withstands demanding use, especially in tough environments
  • Comfortable fit padded foam headband delivers long-wearing comfort with minimal pressure on the head
  • Three attenuation levels allow for targeted attenuation for a variety of applications
  • Delivers high degree of comfort— ideal for situations where compact earmuffs and reliable Noise-Blocking protection are required
  • Highest-rated earmuff available with Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 30

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Leightning series' steel-wire construction provides high performance and robust durability. Leightning stands up to daily use and abuse without compromising comfort. Howard Leight has optimized the Leightning series to deliver the highest level of comfort available, featuring an exclusive padded foam headband and super-soft ear cushions that eliminate that "squeezing" pressure on the head. The Leightning series also features Bilsom Technology's patented Air Flow Control technology for optimal attenuation across all frequencies and snap-in ear cushions for easy maintenance.

Ideal for workers in the following fields: Agriculture and Farming, Landscaping, Sports, Building Construction, Lumber and Wood, Steel, Forestry, Metal Fabrication, Transportation, General Contracting, Military and Law Enforcement, Equipment Manufacturing, Heavy Construction, and Petrochemical.

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