Big Keys LX Keyboard- Color QWERTY

Manufacturer: BigKeys

Large Color-Coded Keys Make Typing Easy
  • Oversized 1” square keys with bold print
  • Variable colored keys are easy to identify
  • Traditional QWERTY keyboard layout
  • Includes arithmetic, punctuation and cursor keys
  • Connects via USB

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Working (and playing) on the computer has never been easier. The Big Keys LX features oversized 1" square keys with large, bold black print that's easier to see - especially for those with low vision. Plus, this model adds color coding to help distinguish keys from one another.

- Traditional QWERTY keyboard layout (May be switched to ABC)
- Includes arithmetic, punctuation and cursor keys
- Access F1 to F10 Function Keys by holding down the "F" Key and using numeric row
- May be used for all computers with USB
- May be used in a multiple keyboard configuration with another USB or PS/2 keyboard
- Five-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty (in USA); One-Year elsewhere

Product Measurements: 18.875" Long x 7" Wide x 1.25" Thick
Product Weight: 2 lbs. 12 oz.

Big Keys LX: Color QWERTY Keyboard

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