Bellman & Symfon High-Powered Neckloop

Manufacturer: Bellman and Symfon

For smart devices, TV, radios, personal amplifiers
  • To be used with hearing aids equipped with Telecoil
  • Optimized for the Maxi, Sonido, Mino speech amplifiers and Domino listening system
  • Lightweight and comfortable-- can be worn discreetly under your shirt
  • Breakaway neck strap for increased safety
  • Replaceable soft fabric tube for comfort and hygiene

SKU: 909159
Length: 1.50 in
Width: 1.30 in
Height: 0.50 in
Our Price: $66.95
Availability: Temporarily out of stock but available for order
This high-powered neckloop connects to your hearing aid, cell phone, tablet or computer that feature a 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack. Switch the hearing instruments to the "T" position and you are ready to go!

--Soft spray-coated housing for increased comfort
--Silicone tangle-free cable for easy handling
--High output power with dual-channel output
--Tie-clip for correct positioning
--Gold plated plugs to avoid corrosion
--Includes Neckloop and user manual

--Neck strap length 2.3' (70 cm)
--Cable length 3' (90 cm)
--Neckloop diameter 9" (22 cm)
--Weight: 1.6 oz. (60 g)
--Connectors: 3.5 mm tele plug (break-away connector on loop cable)
--Magnetic output: 1500 mA/m at 6 inch distance (15 cm)
(2 x 50 mW input signal)

WARNING: If you have a pacemaker, we recommend you check with your general practitioner or cardiologist before using a neckloop.