Beecher Mirage Binoculars +4 Diopter Close Up Lens Cap

Manufacturer: Beecher Optical Products

Focus your Beecher Mirage at a closer distance
  • +4 Diopter Beecher Close Up Lens Cap
  • 11-inch working distance

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This is a +4 Diopter Close Up Lens Cap that can be used to focus Beecher Mirage Binoculars at a closer distance. Attach this lens cap to one objective lens on your Beecher Mirage Binocular and you will be able to see objects at a nearer view.

Magnification: +4 Diopter Close Up Lens Cap

Working Distance: 11 inches

Sold separately from this close-up lens cap, Beecher Mirage Binoculars are head-mounted, lightweight binoculars with high magnifying power that makes them ideal for users with low vision. Worn like glasses, these advanced binocular systems from Beecher offer excellent magnification and twice the viewing field of conventional binoculars. In addition, the rimless viewing field and frame automatically align, making Beecher Mirage Binoculars suitable for all visually impaired users.

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