Beecher Mirage 5.5x25 Monocular for Distance Viewing- Right Eye Only

Manufacturer: Beecher Optical Products

Head-mounted monocular magnifies the field of view
  • Beecher Monocular with excellent brightness and 5.5x25 magnification for the right eye
  • Twice the field of view of conventional telescopic systems
  • Extended eyepiece and rimless viewing field maximizes field of view without sacrificing comfort level
  • Durable compact design; soft case included
  • Low vision solution for viewing special events, sports, church services, vacation activities, museums, concerts, computers/TVs, etc.

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Worn like glasses, this Beecher Mirage Monocular for the right eye is a head-mounted, lightweight monocular with 5.5x25 magnifying power that makes it ideal for users with low vision. The advanced monocular and binocular systems from Beecher offer excellent magnification and twice the viewing field of conventional monoculars and binoculars. In addition, the rimless viewing field and frame automatically align, making Beecher Mirage Monoculars suitable for all visually impaired users.

The Beecher Mirage Monocular for distance viewing is the perfect low vision solution for viewing special events, church services, vacation activities, sporting events, museums, theater performances, concerts, hobbies/crafts, computers/TVs, and much more. Similar to Beecher Mirage Binoculars, you can also use the monocular for nature activities such as bird watching.

Telescopic eyewear allows the user to sit at a normal distance from the viewing object. Extremely lightweight, all Beecher Mirage monoculars and binoculars now come with an extended eyepiece, as well as a rimless viewing field that further maximizes the field of view without sacrificing comfort level. With their focus on performance and usability, features also include a frame that automatically aligns the Beecher Mirage to all eyes.

Other magnification options (see additional Beecher Mirage Monocular and Binocular models) and close-up lens accessories (sold separately) offer additional flexibility. Case included.

Beecher 5.5x25 Mirage Monocular- Right Eye Only Technical Specifications:
- Magnification Power: 5.5x
- Lens Size: 25mm
- Wide Angle: 11
- Viewing Distance/Focal Range: 6 ft. to Infinity
- Weight: 3 oz.

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