Bean Quiet Sound Amplifier- Single- Platinum

Manufacturer: Etymotic Research

Hear the TV, conversations, and lectures better
  • Amplifies high-frequency soft sounds of speech
  • Loud sounds are heard naturally with no additional boost
  • 2-position switch (15dB and 23dB amplification)
  • Ready to use right out of the box— no referral needed
  • Includes 7 eartips, 8-pk #10 zinc-air batteries, filters, and leather case

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Do you wish you could make your world one click louder? Do you or a family member find it difficult to follow conversations, hear the TV or radio without significantly increasing the volume, or understand what's going on in a religious service or a lecture?

In today's fast-paced, on-the-move culture, many adults find it more and more difficult to keep up with the level of conversation, noise, and activity swirling around them. Discussions seem hurried, friends and family members appear to mumble, and sounds— everything from the television to the car radio to familiar voices— just feel softer than they used to.

And sometimes, the struggle to participate in conversations or actually understand what's being said in a group setting proves so difficult that adults may find it easier to simply not engage socially with others. These challenges hold true for an increasing number of adults within a wide age range. Because of loud music, motorcycles, power tools, gun sports, fireworks, sporting events, and more, many adults, 40 and over, realize that life would be so much easier if everything proved just one click louder.

The BEAN can provide that one click of clarity. As a personal amplification device (also known as a Quiet Sound Amplifier) the BEAN features a built-in sensor that automatically adjusts to the surrounding noise level. It amplifies soft sounds while keeping the volume steady on louder noises or even reducing it for extremely loud sounds such as fireworks or the strike of a drum.

Moreover, it boosts soft high-pitched sounds heard in speech, which helps provide clarity for conversations, particularly in less-than-ideal listening environments. The BEAN amplifies sounds and enhances your hearing experience so your conversations become more effective in the car, in social situations, and at a distance.

It comes in two models— the BEAN and the T-coil BEAN. The T-coil BEAN can be used with hearing-aid compatible telephones and loop systems. Loop systems take their name from a loop of wire that is placed around a room or large area. The loop sends an electromagnetic signal to the BEAN, which then changes that signal to sound. The benefits are improved hearing in reverberant conditions or when a talker is too far away to be heard clearly with amplification.

NOTE: Due to health and sanitary reasons, we cannot accept returns on this item.

- Operates so smoothly it is almost undetectable
- Provides high-frequency amplified hearing for the soft sounds of speech
- Excellent speech intelligibility in both quiet and noisy conditions
- 2-position switch offers two levels of enhancement (15dB and 23dB amplification)
- Loud sounds are heard naturally with no additional boost
- Subtle, low-battery signal alerts the user before the battery dies
- Long battery life (10-12 days) on a tiny cell
- One year manufacturer's repair or replacement warranty against defects in materials and workmanship

- Can be purchased from any source without a referral
- Designed to fit comfortably and look good in either ear
- Ready-to-use right out of the box
- No adjustments needed; no controls to adjust
- Delivers high-fidelity sound quality and amplified hearing
- Handles high inputs of music without distortion
- Does not require custom molds

- Gain: LO (15 dB) - HI (23 dB)
- Signal Processing: Analog
- Compression Type: Wide Dynamic Range Adaptive Compression
- Maximum Output (LO): 112.5 dB SPL
- Maximum Output (HI): 114 dB SPL
- Battery Type: 10A zinc-air
- Battery Life: 2 weeks (16 hours/day)
- Battery Current: 425 Ua

When consumers purchase either model, they will receive The BEAN Starter Kit, which contains the following items:
- The BEAN Quiet Sound Amplifier
- 7 eartips of different sizes and materials for best fit and comfort
- Package of batteries (size 10 zinc-air)
- Filter tool and extra filters
- Leather case

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