BAFPE Performance Evaluation

Manufacturer: Maddak

Bay Area Functional Performance Evaluation
  • A 2 part behaviorally-anchored assessment
  • Designed to assess how a client may function in task-oriented social interactional settings
  • Can be used for treatment, discharge planning, documentation, and outcome studies

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The Task Oriented Assessment (TOA) utilizes five tasks in which 12 functional parameters in cognitive, performance, and affective areas are rated. Observations about specific cognitive and neuropsychological functioning are made during each task.

The Social Interaction Scale (SIS) measures the level of social competency through an assessment of 7 areas of social functioning via observation in 5 different social situations. These situations are observed in activities that are generally part of any therapeutic milieu program.

The BaFPE has been used in inpatient and outpatient settings to evaluate the functional performance of psychiatric, brain-injured, geriatric, or developmentally disabled adults as well as adolescents in treatment or special education settings. It can be used for treatment, discharge planning, documentation, and outcome studies.
The manual includes reliability and validity studies as well as a bibliography of over 30 publications or research studies, addressing the continued validation of the BaFPE with various populations. The kit includes a loose-leaf binder containing a manual of background information, directions for administering the TOA and the SIS, administration forms, rating guides, and worksheets. It also includes a set of seashells, a set of design blocks, and associated items.

Replacement kit available. Includes 25 copies of each of the 11 printed materials (forms, worksheets, rating guides, and practice checks). Each set is packaged separately. Measures 16.5" x 13.25" x 8". 1-year warranty.

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