Baby Oasis Bluetooth Sound Machine

Manufacturer: Sound Oasis

Sound machine & Bluetooth speaker in one!
  • Free Baby Sleep Pro App
  • 12 baby sleep sounds, bluetooth streaming, USB charging cable
  • Includes sounds developed by 3 world-renowned sleep doctors

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--Ultimate selection of 12 sounds help babies and children of all ages sleep
--Includes 5 sounds developed by 3 world-renowned sleep doctors (Dr. Lee Bartel, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, Dr. Fred Schwartz)
--Play any one of the 12 built-in sounds or stream new sounds and music via Bluetooth up to 30 feet away
--Exceptional sound quality and compact size - big enough for the nursery; small enough for travel
--Free Sound Oasis Baby Sleep App
--Powered by a built-in 3V-500mA lithium rechargeable battery or from included mini USB cord, 2 - 3 hour charge time; approx. 5 - 8 hour play time, 4 ohm, 3 watt speaker, Bluetooth 3.0., headphone jack, volume control, sound selection, and play pause buttons
--LED indicators - go out after 5 seconds
--Aluminum housing for extra durability and sound fidelity
--Compact size: 2.44 inches (62mm) diameter; 2.36 inches (60 mm) height
--Includes: micro SD card with 12 sounds, sound machine, USB charging cable, free App