Audible and Tactile Marking System

Manufacturer: Exclusively by Reizen Inc.

Great tool for blind and low vision users
  • Ideal for caregivers and teachers of the blind
  • Create peel-off braille, tactile, and low vision labels
  • Label clothing, pantry items, prescriptions, etc
  • Includes Vision Aide Manual to help manage daily life
  • All items fit in a convenient, easy-to-carry case

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The Audible and Tactile Marking System is the perfect toolbox for rehabilitation teachers of the blind or anyone wishing to assist a visually impaired person in learning to gain greater independence and be more in control of their daily living.

It's also great for instructors in community colleges wishing to offer certification for vision aides in their continuing education through Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) programs. Home Care Agencies are in dire need of trained Vision Aides to be employed as caregivers for their visually impaired clients. This system can help train caregivers that can fill that void.

Now you can create tactile, low vision, braille, and even audio identification labels for anything that needs labeling. The Audible and Tactile Marking System kit comes complete with the following items, all in a sturdy carry case:

Reizen Braille Labeler (1)
Identi-Buttons Clothing Identifiers in Primary Colors (Package of 8)
Reizen Black Vinyl Tape - 1/2 x 144 (3 Rolls)
Reizen Clear Vinyl Tape - 1/2 (3 Rolls)
Reizen Magnetic Labeling Tape - 1/2 x 96 w/Adhesive Back (1 Roll)
Aluminum Labeling Tape - 1/2 x 144 (1 Roll)
VOXCOM III Voice Labeling System with 50 Re-Usable Cards (1)
Spot 'N Line Tactile Pen (1-oz. Tube): Black (1)
Spot 'N Line Tactile Pen (1-oz. Tube): Orange (1)
Spot 'N Line Tactile Pen (1-oz. Tube): White (1)
Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Black Marker (1)
Mixed Bump Dots: 80 Assorted Pieces (1 Package)
Braille Feel n Peel Alphabet Stickers (1 Sheet)
LOC DOTS Keyboard Key Location Dots (Package of 6)
Black Touch Dots: 1/4 Diameter (Package of 64 Dots)
White Plastic Labeling Tags (Package of 50)
Access to Information for the Blind: The Vision Aide Manual (1)
Tel-Rx Talking Prescription Recorder (1)
Asst. size of Tyvek
Small pack Magnets 5 X 4
Small Pack of rubber bands
Small Pack of safety pins
Small Pack of Velcro

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