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ASL- A Look at History, Structure and Community

Take a peek into the history of ASL!!!

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Written by Charlotte Baker-Shenk and Carol Padden. This pamphlet provides a backbone on the history of ASL, its composition, why it's used, and the deaf community and culture. The significance of certain gestures and parts of the face used in signing are explained. Included are diagrams of various words so that readers can better understand what is written in the text. This is a helpful piece for those who have contact with people who use sign language, or for those who just want to know more about it.
Read along as it answers basic questions about American Sign Language. What is it?, What is its history?, Who uses it?, What is the Deaf community?, Why is ASL important?, What are the building blocks of ASL?, What is the relationship between ASL and body language?, What are examples of ASL grammar? 22 pages; soft cover

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