Monday, March 18, 2019

Are smart phones and other devices causing eye damage?

Digital eye strain, dry-eye disease, blurry vision-- our overuse of technology may be harming our eye sight and eye health.  They say, "The eyes are the window of the soul".  But what if our eyes are feeling tired, strained and out of focus... then the window becomes blurred...

Blue Light Glasses Blue Light Glasses

Let's face it... we are all glued to our cell phones and other computer devices on a daily basis.  Eye muscles get very fatigued from the constant day-to-day use of these tech products.  The average adult in the United States, according to a Nielson Company audience report, spends over eight hours or more a day on a device.  For people who stare at a screen for long periods of time can experience symptoms of blurred vision, trouble focusing, tired red eyes, dry eyes, headaches and more.  

You can protect your eyes from screens and other tech devices

By taking twenty minute breaks away from your computer, remembering to blink when concentrating, do periodic eye exercises, look away from your device and gaze towards distant objects in a room, and use products that filter out blue light and computer glare which can help with eye fatigue and other eye symptoms.  Also it's a good idea to wear anti-reflective and glare reducing eye glasses.  Magnification products are helpful too. 

Smart Phones Smart Phones

Exposure to blue light may have damaging effects

There are eye doctors that are concerned the exposure to blue light may eventually have a damaging effect on our eyes from the over use of electronic devices.  The blue light that emits from our cell phones is not filtered by our cornea or pupils.    

The blue light goes direct to our retinas, where damage may occur. Although there isn't enough evidence to back up how much damage the blue light emits, it still creates eye strain. Some experts believe the damage to the retina can lead to macular degeneration (central vision damage).

Take steps to help prevent visual impairment

Optometrist Dr. Justin Bazen, a medical advisor for the Vision Council, recommends taking steps to help reduce any potential damage to your eyes.  "Eyewear is available with lenses featuring magnification, anti-reflective and blue light-filtering capabilities to help reduce the symptoms associated with digital eye strain." You should also be proactive and conscientious of keeping your eyesight as healthy as possible because you want to avoid irreversible damage...

  • Keep digital devices at about an arm’s distance away from the face
  • Enlarge text size on your digital devices to expand content on the screen
  • Take continual breaks from using digital devices
  • Reduce overhead lighting in the room to decrease screen glare
  • Adjust the lighting on digital devices

MaxiAids features many eyeglass products, magnification products and anti-glare products to help ease eye strain and make for more efficient viewing of your tech products.  Let us help aid you with the use of eye protective technology in today's modern tech world. -- Audrey Leonard

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