Apples to Apples 504 Braille cards Red Box

Manufacturer: Distributed by MaxiAids

Braille card and party game provides instant fun
  • Easy as comparing apples to apples— just open the box, deal the braille cards, and you're ready to play
  • Cards printed with written text as well as braille lettering
  • 441 red cards, 63 green cards
  • Each round is filled with surprising and outrageous comparisons from a wide range of people, places, things, and events
  • For 4-10 players— recommended for players ages 12 and up

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Match your red noun braille cards to the judge's green adjective braille cards to win. The first player with 4 green cards is the winner!
The Party Box comes complete with 504 green and red braille cards; the green braille cards have 2 topics per braille card, the red braille cards have 1 subject per braille card
How to play:
The judge places a green card with a describing topic on the table. The other players choose one of their object cards that best matches the green card on the table. The judge chooses their favorite match and the winner keeps the green card. Players take turns judging rounds. The first player to collect 4 green cards wins!