Ambutech Rigid Fiberglass Cane- Pencil Tip- 50in

Manufacturer: Ambutech

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  • Durable, long-lasting rigid fiberglass construction
  • Slip-on long-wearing white nylon pencil tip
  • White reflective tape with six-inch red stripe
  • Straight handle with flat-sided grip
  • Measures 50 inches in length

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Ambutech Rigid Fiberglass Mobility Canes feature durable long-lasting rigid fiberglass construction. Because of its increased weight compared with UltraLite Graphite canes, a Fiberglass Cane is ideal for use where durability is a major consideration.

Comes with an easy-to-replace/change slip-on pencil tip made of long-wearing white nylon.

White reflective tape with a six-inch red stripe (standard for normal North American usage.) Straight handle with flat-sided grip. Available in lengths from 36" to 60".
Tip White-Pencil
Type Rigid
Length 50
Category Mobility
Material Fiberglass
Handle or Grip Golf Grip

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