Ambutech HiLites Blue 5-Sec 54-in Graphite Folding Cane- Rolling Ball

Manufacturer: Ambutech

White cane with colorful blue grip & accents
  • White cane with stylish blue flat-sided grip (straight handle) and blue accents
  • Rolling ball hook tip (white rolling ball with blue hook) securely held in place with elastic cord
  • Traditional white reflective tape on cane shaft (no red stripe)
  • Graphite construction offers greater flexural strength than aluminum canes
  • Measurements: 54 inches, 5 sections fold and unfold with ease— 14 inches when folded

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Express yourself with Ambutech HiLites Canes! These graphite folding mobility canes offer the same durability, safety, and security as all other Ambutech white canes, but they are accented with colorful grips to make them truly stand out from the crowd.

Strong and lightweight, this model is a 5-section, 54-inch graphite Ambutech HiLites Folding Mobility Cane that has a colorful blue flat-sided grip (straight handle) and rolling ball hook tip (white rolling ball with blue hook) securely held in place with a durable elastic cord. The cane shaft has traditional white reflective tape (no red stripe), and the cane is made of graphite with unique composite construction that features aluminum ferrules and Fingerguards to protect the elastic cord and ensures a snug joint fit, even after many miles of use. The graphite construction gives this Ambutech cane greater flexural strength than aluminum canes.

Ambutech HiLites Canes also fold and unfold with ease and feature double elastic cord assembly for added user security.

Measurements and style: 54 inches, 5-section, Ambutech graphite folding mobility cane— blue grip and white rolling ball hook tip (white ball with blue hook) with traditional white reflective tape on cane shaft.

Folds to 14 inches

Weight: 11.3 oz.

Special orders also available in the following additional sizes - please call for more information: 48 inches, 50 inches, 52 inches, 56 inches
Category Mobility
Type Folding
Handle or Grip Golf Grip
Material Graphite
Sections 5
Length 54
Tip Rolling
Works well, 5/12/2016 11:07 AM
From: Sandy Schleich
The cane is sturdy and the ball is nice when there are cracks in the side walk. It does not get stuck as easily as the pencil tips, but it does brake easier. I like the ball type just for the fact that it maneuvers over cracks better than the pencil tip, but it did not take the ball long to brake.
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