Thursday, March 25, 2021

Sleep Better with MaxiAids Tinnitus Sleep Therapy Products

Those who struggle with tinnitus may have a harder time falling asleep than most. Experts suggest that sleeping with some form of white noise proves extremely beneficial to these people. MaxiAids offers an extensive list of products that will help those who have a hard time falling asleep to get a good night’s rest.


Sleep Sound Therapy System with 6 Sounds

This Sound Oasis system plays soothing sounds that help users fall asleep quickly and peacefully. It includes 6 base sounds: Ocean Surf, Stream, Rain, White Noise, Summer Night, and Wind. Set a timer for 30, 60, or 90 minutes, or allow the system to stay on continuously through the night. It allows for additional sound cards to be inserted (sold separately) if the user prefers other sounds to fall asleep to.


Sounds for Sleep Sound Card for Sound Oasis System

This sound cartridge for use with the Sound Oasis System features 6 additional sounds: Fan, Night Train, Country Road, Airplane, Air Conditioner, and Vacuum Cleaner. If you prefer the peaceful sounds of a summer evening, this sound card is for you!


White Noise Sound Card for Sound Oasis System

If white noise or other sound hues are what you prefer, the White Noise sound card is a must-have for your Sound Oasis System. This card features White Noise, Pink Noise, Brown Noise, Grey Noise, White Rain, and White Stream.


Sleep Therapy Pillow with Speakers

Those who are hard of hearing or want their sleep sounds easier to hear will benefit greatly from this Sleep Therapy Pillow. Two ultra-thin speakers are fitted deep within the pillow so they do not disturb your comfort when sleeping. These speakers connect to a Sound Oasis machine or CD player, phone, iPod, etc. The speakers can be removed so your pillow can be washed.



Sleep Therapy Pillow Speakers

Already have a favorite pillow? Purchase these ultra-thin speakers by themselves and slip them into your pillow with ease! The speakers connect to a Sound Oasis machine or other CD player, phone, iPod, etc.


Sound Oasis Bluetooth Sleep Sound System Therapy BST-100

This Sound Oasis machine serves as a noise machine as well as a Bluetooth speaker. It includes 10 preloaded sounds: Ocean Surf; Thunderstorm; Rain; White Noise; Rocky Mountain Stream; Summer Night; Gentle Surf; Brown Noise; Woodland; and Heartbeat. This system can also play other Sleep Oasis sound cards.


Travel Sleep Sound Therapy System

Take this Sleep Oasis system with you anywhere you go! This system is portable, battery-powered, and features 18 built-in sounds: Ocean Surf, North Woods, Thunderstorm, White Noise, Night Train, Spring Rain, Island Surf, Bonfire, Stream, Hidden Cove, Wind, Asian Garden, Song Birds, Harbor Swell, Bamboo Chimes, Summer Night, Cooling Fan, and Rain Forest.


At home or on the go, MaxiAids has the tools you need to make sure you get a good night’s sleep. With so many comforting sounds to choose from, you’re sure to feel relaxed and rested after using our sleep therapy systems and accessories.

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