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60-Minute Jumbo Timer- Audio-Visual Alarm-Tactile

Encourages Time Management Skills for Kids

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  • Giant 8-inch timer
  • Audio and pop-up visual alarm
  • Tactile markings for time telling by touch
  • Mechanical timer - no batteries needed
  • For tabletop use or wall mounting
Make every minute count with this stylish take on a familiar classroom management resource. The 60-Minute Jumbo Timer features a pop-up button and buzzer that indicate when time is up, providing both a visual and audio cue. This tactile version also has raised dot markings in 5-minute increments to allow time telling by touch. Encourages time management skills. Supports timed center and lab activities, tests, presentations, games and more.

- Centers
- Timed tests
- Lab activities
- Small-group projects
- Games
- Free time
- Presentations

- Motivating children to complete tasks
- Encouraging good behavior
- Setting time limits for TV, computer games and more
- Music practice
- Homework
- Reading
- Time outs

Includes built-in feet and reverse-side hole for hook that allow for both tabletop and wall display. Plastic clock face measures 8" in diameter - big enough for the whole class to see. Mechanical timer - no batteries needed. Weighs 14 oz.