SKU 5001234
Manufacturer MaxiAids
Length 8.50 in
Width 8.10 in

53dB Amplified Corded Speakerphone for the Hard of Hearing

Enjoy Clearer, More Comfortable Conversations

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  • Great Features for Moderate to Severe Hearing Loss and Low Vision
  • Voice Amplification: 4 Levels up to 53dB Plus Visual Ringer
  • Oversized Backlit LCD display and Large Keypad Buttons
  • Business-grade speaker for office and heavy use situations
This telephone is ideal for people with mild to severe hearing loss, as well as those with low vision. It amplifies voices on incoming calls up to 53dB and digitally adjusts frequency-specific volume levels so that any user can clearly and comfortably hear a caller's voice. The extra-loud ringer is adjustable up to 85dB. In addition, this phone is equipped with a Visual Ringer - a flasher that alerts of incoming calls. For maximum user convenience, personal volume amplification settings are saved automatically, and can be recalled with the push of a single button.
Additional features make this versatile phone also make this a good choice for visually impaired users. The large 7.4 sq. inch backlit adjustable-angle LCD display has a 3-line large-font display and 3.63 x 2.05 viewing area. In addition, its oversized keypad numeric buttons measure .95 x .7 inches.
NOTE: This item is similar to item 4001234, but features a higher dB rating for incoming calls (53dB versus 47dB) and is also equipped with a business-grade speaker for offices and other heavy use situations.

Caller ID: 99 name/number Caller ID log.
Supports Caller ID and Call Waiting ID.
Voicemail waiting indicator: flashing LED.
Telephone Features:
Loud ringer - 85 dB at High setting.
Amplified receiver volume setting - 4 levels to 53dB.
Frequency-Specific volume setting - 4 levels to compensate for severe frequency-specific hearing loss.
Backlit big numeric buttons, button size - 24 x 18 (mm), 0.95 x 0.7 (inches)
3.5mm audio output jack.
Redial, up to 32 digits
Dialing from Caller ID log
3 one-touch memory buttons.
Program name and number for memory buttons
Hold, mute and flash buttons.
Pre-dialing support.
Basic telephone function maintained without power
Memory retention without power.
LCD Display
Backlit LCD with adjustable viewing angle
Contrast adjustable high contrast LCD display
3-line ultra large font display
Viewing area: 92 x 52(mm); 3.63 x 2.05(inches)
Desk or wall mount
Power Supply: AC adapter (included).
Size: 205 x 216 (mm); 8.1 x 8.5 (inches)
Warranty: 1 year (parts and labor.)

Category Amplified
Type Corded
Options Caller ID
Options Speakerphone
Options Visual Ringer

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