3M Littmann Amplified Electronic Bluetooth Stethoscope 3200- Black

Manufacturer: 3M Littmann

High-tech auscultation— record and transmit to PC
  • The ideal diagnostic and teaching tool— exceptional sound quality plus digital recording for replay or storage
  • Bluetooth technology to wirelessly transmits sound to your PC to analyze, attach to records, or share with a peer
  • Hear difficult sounds easily with up to 24x sound amplification
  • Hear critical sounds clearly with up to an 85 percent reduction of distracting background noise
  • Manufacturer 2-Year Limited Warranty

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The 3M Littmann Amplified Electronic Bluetooth Stethoscope Model 3200 redefines what a stethoscope can do. This is the highest quality stethoscope in the Littmann range. It delivers exceptional sound quality and frictional noise reduction technology, all with a user-friendly easy to operate interface.

The Model 3200 uses digital technology to dramatically improve sound quality and diagnosis. It possesses all the features and quality that the Littmann Electronic Stethoscope Model 3100 offers plus onboard recording and Bluetooth technology that wirelessly transfers sounds to your PC in real-time, enabling you to attach recorded sounds to records. The sound recording can also be reviewed for further analysis and discussed with colleagues.

The 3M Littmann Amplified Electronic Bluetooth Stethoscope Model 3200 is ideal for any clinician who refers patients for echo or to a cardiologist or simply wants to capture, save, and further analyze a body sound. It's also perfect for teaching because the 3200 12-Track stethoscope can be connected to your PC via Bluetooth to transmit sounds instantly.

— Hear difficult sounds easily (such as obese patients or when obstructed by clothing) with up to 24X sound amplification
— Hear critical sounds clearly with up to an 85 percent reduction in distracting background noise from friction or surrounding ambiance
— Switch between three modes at the press of a button for optimum versatility. Bell mode and diaphragm modes for low/high frequencies, plus 'extended mode' for a larger range of frequencies
— Bluetooth connectivity to transmit sounds to the included PC software for replay, storage, visualization, and sharing
— Immediate in-scope playback sounds at half or full speed in bell, diaphragm, or extended mode
— Record and store up to 12 thirty-second sounds in your scope at one time, then transfer them later at your convenience
— Add laser engraving of text and symbols to personalize your scope and avoid theft or loss
— Anatomically designed headset comfortably positioned for optimal sound transmission
— Comfortable Snap-Tight soft seal ear tips create an excellent acoustic seal to reduce ambient noise
— Durable latex-free tubing can be reliably flexed one million times
— Used as a diagnostic aid as part of the physical assessment of a patient
— Hone your auscultation skills by comparing your diagnosis to data presented by software
— 2-year warranty includes free repair on any manufacturing or material defects
— Includes USB Bluetooth dongle and Zargis StethAssist software for your PC
— Tubing: Black 27 in. (68.5 cm)
— Finish: Stainless Steel
— Warranty: 2 Years

NOTE: Due to health and sanitary reasons, this product is non-returnable.

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