2 Tier Pure Steam

Manufacturer: Jobar

Cooks foods from the bottom up!
  • Unique microwave technology
  • Small steaming tray for steaming meats
  • Large steaming tray for steaming vegetables
  • Includes water tray
  • Steam over saucepan or in microwave

SKU: 198203
Length: 9.80 in
Width: 9.70 in
Height: 5.40 in
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Steaming your food is made easy with Pure Steam. The innovative lid is designed to direct the heat away from the food and towards the water tray for a perfectly steamed meal. The two-tier food holder provides a much quicker cooking time than the typical steamer. Whether you prefer a saucepan or the microwave, the dual cooking capabilities allow you to choose where you want to steam your food. The silicone steamer can fit a 7 or 8-inch saucepan. Dishwasher safe.