1440W Electric Double Hotplate- Chrome

Manufacturer: Brentwood Appliances

Two burners for faster and easier cooking!
  • Adjustable heat and even heat distribution
  • Non-slip feet keep hotplate in place while in use
  • 440 and 1000w burners
  • Easy-to-clean surface
  • Color: silver

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Two burners make for a faster and easier cooking experience! The 1440W Electric Double Hotplate features a 440w burner and a 1000w burner, each of which has its own bright red power indicator light so users know when each burner is turned on. Each burner features adjustable heat and ensures an even heat distribution over the plate. A set of non-slip feet ensures that the hotplate stays in place while in use.

- Even heat distribution
- Adjustable heat
- Small, lightweight design
- Easy to clean
- Power indicator light
- Non-slip feet
- Power: 1440w
- Color: Silver

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