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Manufacturer Trellie

Visual Call Alert-Bluetooth Wireless-Silver

Clips to Handbag, Alerts You to Ringing Cell Phone
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  • Bluetooth wireless visual alert & fashion accessory
  • Gives visual alerts of both incoming & missed calls
  • Designed to hang on outside of handbags
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries (included)
  • Measures 2.76 in. x 1.12 in. x 0.91 in.
Simple, stylish and functional, Trellie Visual Call Alert is a wireless fashion accessory that hangs on the outside of your handbag and notifies you of incoming calls from the people you care about!

Trellie is based on an important insight: 80-percent of women carry their phones in their handbags. Unfortunately, most women are unaware of over half of the incoming calls they receive. They simply don't hear the phone ring or see the phone illuminate when a call comes in because their phone is buried in their purse.

The fact is there are some important people in your life you always want to be in touch with. This is especially true for busy women. A mobile phone is a woman's lifeline to work, children, caregivers, parents, and other loved ones. Missing a call from these special people can cause big problems!

Trellie is an ultra-simple, handbag accessory that notifies you of an incoming (or missed) call through bright flashing LED lights.

- Peace of Mind: Trellie ensures you don't have to worry any more about being out of touch with those people you care about most.
- Easy to Use: Out of the box, simply pair Trellie one time with your phone and then it just works! Charging is never required as Trellie runs on "AAA" batteries.
Saves Time: No more fumbling through your handbag because you thought you heard a ring. Just glance over at Trellie and you know for certain.

Have you ever missed an important call?
- Emergencies: Your child gets the flu or a severe allergic reaction and the school nurse tries to reach you but you miss the call.
- Time Sensitive: Your spouse is at the store trying to remember which baby formula to buy, or running late to pick up the kids. If only you knew he was calling!
- Magic Moments: Someone calls with good news - an engagement, a good grade on a test or someone is expecting - calls that are too important to miss.

Trellie has designed a patent-pending, ultra-simple handbag accessory which visually notifies you of an incoming call to your mobile phone through blue and white flashing LED lights. Miss a call and Trellie switches to a slower intermittent blue flash. This will continue until you place or receive a new call; you manually stop it by pressing the Trellie button on the device or after one hour has elapsed.

Trellie works with any phone that has Bluetooth technology. Out of the box, it must be paired with your cell phone just once. After that, Trellie will detect your mobile phone's presence automatically when it's within the acceptable range (approx. 10 feet).

Trellie uses two standard, replaceable "AAA" batteries (included) eliminating the hassle of having to recharge the device.

One year manufacturer's limited warranty

Measurements: 2.76 in. High x 1.12 in. Wide x 0.91 in. Deep
Weight (w/batteries): 1.5 oz. (42 grams)

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