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Vibrating Watches

Vibrating Watches can wake you up and alert you up to 12 times daily (depending on the model) with reliable vibration alarms you can feel. Vibration watches are ideal for use as discreet medication reminder watches and appointment alarms when privacy is desired or where the user may want an alternative to audible alarms.

When Oversleeping or Missing an Important Medicine Dose Isn’t an Option, Vibrating Alarm Watches Can Help!

There are many reasons we may want or need to be alerted during our busy day. It starts with the wake-up alarm, but that’s only be the beginning. There are meetings and appointments to make, kids to pick up promptly from school and sports practices, medicine to take at prescribed times, dinner dates to keep and so on…

From the first time a vibrating alarm reliably, but gently eases you into the day without the abrupt, jarring audible alarm you’ve been accustomed to, you’ll instantly begin to appreciate the advantages a vibration watch has to offer.

Watches that vibrate have all the standard functionality and convenience of wrist watches, but add a strong vibration alarm that allows you to feel reliable reminder alerts on your wrist.

In addition to being helpful watches for the deaf and hard of hearing, vibrating watches are great for anyone who may want discreet vibration alarm reminders to alert them privately without disturbing others.

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for the hearing impaired, or simply seeking greater convenience and independence in your own daily life, when you shop at, you get the largest variety of the finest quality vibrating watches available anywhere.

One popular model is the Timex Expedition Vibration Alarm Watch, which offers vibrating and audible alarms, a chronograph timer, INDIGLO nightlight and quartz movement. This Timex watch, as well as Vibralite Vibrating Watches, WOBL watches and an available Casio watch are also water-resistant watches. Among our popular men’s watches are Casio Pathfinders which are ideal for those seeking hunting watches or fishing watches, as they show sunrise and sunset data for planning hunting and fishing trips.

The WOBL 8-Alarm Vibrating Reminder Watch and VibraLite Mini make perfect women's watches and children's watches, as they have smaller cases and bands that are designed to fit smaller sized wrists

Among the choices in multi-alarm vibrating reminder watches are sports watches that will hang with you during your most rigorous activities and dress watches to suit your most formal occasions.

Some of the features you will find as you peruse our selection of watches that vibrate are: up to 12 daily alarms, countdown timer, count-up timer, calendar, timers, audible alarms, hourly alerts, backlights, multiple time zone watch settings and 12/24 hour (‘military time’) mode for military watches.

You can always call 1-800-522-6294 during regular business hours. One of our knowledgeable, experienced customer care representatives will be happy to help you choose a watch or answer any questions you may have about vibrating watches for the hearing impaired or any of the products for independent living that MaxiAids carries.