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PROP IT 10-in-1 Portable Literacy and Speech Easel - click to view larger image

PROP IT 10-in-1 Portable Literacy and Speech Easel

PROP IT 10-in-1 Portable Literacy and Speech Easel by MaxiAids

"Teaching Tool for Speech & Language Development"

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Product Description

  • Portable corrugated 16 x 22 easel w/10 tools
  • Magnet, flannel, display & chalkboards
  • Dry erase board, marker & felt eraser
  • Includes mirror and carrying case
The multi-purpose PROP IT 10-in-1 Portable Literacy and Speech Easel contains essential tools for speech and language pathologists, early childhood teachers and occupational therapists. It offers the user 10 functions: a Mirror, a Magnet Board, a Dry Erase Board, a Flannel Board, a Chalkboard, a Display Board, a Big Book Storage Rack, a Big Book Easel, a Presentation Easel and an Art Easel - all in a handy carrying case.

- Lightweight corrugated collapsible easel
- Felt surface mounted to the easel (16" x 22")
- Double-sided non-metal magnet board - dry erase & chalkboard (16" x 22")
- Mirror with carrying case (8" x 10")
- Dry erase marker & felt eraser
- Canvas tote with handles (28" opening x 21")
- Elastic storage rack for big books on back

Dimensions when set up are 24" wide x 18" high x 15" deep

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PROP IT 10-in-1 Portable Literacy and Speech Easel