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As many of you know, manufacturing of the 20/ 20 pen was abruptly halted by its manufacture last month , causing the Low Vision Community to scramble for a replacement writing instrument that will meet the specialized needs of the Low Vision Community...

After reviewing many Pens that were currently available in the marketplace, we were unable to find a suitable replacement so we decided to develop a pen to meet the needs of those with Low Vision.

Maxi-Aids is pleased to announce the introduction of

BOLDWRITER 20 PEN, by Reizen
The Superior Low Vision BOLD pen for those without 20/20 vision

•    Easy-to-See & read with incredibly vivid, high-visibility, black ink
•    Quick Drying - NO smudges & doesn't bleed through paper
•    Bold point produces highly legible line width - ideal for low vision & visually impaired
•    Easy to grip design - great for seniors and those with dexterity issues
•    Superior Quality - Made in the USA
•    In side by side comparisons the BoldWriter beats all other brands including the 20/20 pen

We are so confident that you will love this pen that we want to send
your first one for FREE - please add the item # to your order and mark the PO as FREE BOLDWRITER 20 PEN offer

Please fill out below or call 1800-522-6294 for your free pen (offer expires 0/0/16)


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