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Tactile-Braille Crossword Puzzle Game - click to view larger image

Tactile-Braille Crossword Puzzle Game

Tactile-Braille Crossword Puzzle Game by MaxiAids

"Learn Braille Numbers, Letters & Word Formation"

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Product Description

  • Learn Braille letters and numbers
  • Create words up-and-down & side-to-side
  • Includes wooden board & 108 tactile plastic tiles
  • Board Measures 9.25 Wide x 11.5 High
Similar to the popular family favorite board game Scrabble, but without a set point scoring system, this Braille Crossword Puzzle Game allows users to creatively form words on a wooden board using plastic tiles that have raised tactile letters, as well as raised tactile Braille. It's a great way for sighted, low vision and blind children to learn Braille letters and numbers while practicing letter combinations and exploring word creation.

For basic game play, simply form a starting word anywhere on the board and create new words up-and-down or side-to-side building off those already in place.

For an extra challenge, place the number tiles in order 1-9 across the top and letters A-L down the left column (skipping the first space in the upper left hand corner). Now, you can use this numbered and lettered grid to create your own crossword puzzle.

- Wooden game board with slotted grid of squares into which letter & number tiles are placed.
- 99 assorted plastic tactile letter tiles w/raised tactile Braille
- 9 plastic tactile number tiles w/raised tactile Braille

Product Measurements: 9.25" Wide x 11.5" High
Product Weight (Board and Tiles): 1 lb. 6 oz.

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