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Personal Paging System for Multiple Locations- Kit 2 -Transmitter, Pager, Battery Charger - click to view larger image

Personal Paging System for Multiple Locations- Kit 2 -Transmitter, Pager, Battery Charger

Personal Paging System for Multiple Locations- Kit 2 -Transmitter, Pager, Battery Charger by MaxiAids

"Great for hospital, nursing home, assisted living"

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Product Description

  • Good Vibration Pager-Receiver receives signal from transmitter(s)
  • Transmitter sends signal to pager
  • Battery charger
Kit includes:
1. Good Vibration Pager-Receiver
2. Pendant Style Transmitter
3. Battery Charger
Great for nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals or any setting where you may need multiple notification. The system allows multiple patients, each with a transmitter, to send signals to a single attendant in a nursing home, a nurse in a hospital or even a hygienist in a dentist's office, who would be wearing the pager.
Nursing and Healthcare professionals may take advantage of this system's functionality to receive signals from different locations sent by the ill, disabled, elderly or anyone they are assisting.

Note: For Multiple transmitters, it is required that each one be specially coded for each room location. There is a $5.00 charge per code per transmitter.

Please call for customized pricing. Pricing will be determined based upon how many transmitters are needed, and will include the $5.00 coding fee for each transmitter.

Details for each included item:

1. Good Vibration Pager-Receiver
Wireless receiver that receives signals from silent call transmitters
Attaches easily to the belt, waistband of your pants, etc. with the clip provided
Led lights up to indicate which transmitter function set off the signal
Receiver operates on 1 9v rechargeable battery included
Has the capability to add on more transmitters and receivers to build up your alert system

The good vibration is a wireless receiver.This unit receives signals from various transmitters which, in turn, causes a vibration and turns on a light below the symbol to let you know which transmitter is sending the signal. You can monitor any or all of following devices the doorbell,telephone,smoke detector,sound monitor personal pager, fire alarm transmitter and door/window access transmitter. Receiver works on 1 9 v rechargeable battery included. Need to purchase separately a bat chgr,stand alone charger or the sleep alert charger to charge 9v battery.5 Year MFG Warranty.
Product dimensions (imperial): 1 inch H x 3.75 inch L x 2.5 inch
2. Pendant Style Transmitter

This pendant style transmitter is activated by pushing a button. It sends a signal to the receiver. 100 ft operating range. Operates on 12 volt battery (included). 5 year manufacturer's warranty.
3. Battery Charger

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