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Braille Tactile Timers

Our braille tactile timers for the blind are must-have tools for any accessible kitchen. Braille tactile kitchen timers enable blind and visually impaired chefs to set a countdown time and monitor time remaining by touch using the raised tactile numbers. Choices include desktop tactile timers and wall-mounted braille tactile timers.

Braille Remind-O-Timer

Use it as a Clock, Use it as a Reminder

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SKU: 908143
Manufacturer: MaxiAids
Dimensions (in): 3.25 x 7.50 x 7.25 (W/H/L)

List Price: $319.95

Our Price: $299.95

You Save: $20 (6%)

Braille Tactile Timers for the Blind

Braille tactile kitchen timers help visually impaired chefs stay in control of cook times, ensuring perfect results when preparing favorite meals and desserts. Select short ring Braille tactile timers - or long ring tactile timers to be sure you don’t miss the bell. In addition to being great for the kitchen, our desktop and wall mount braille tactile timers can be used for timing kids’ activities and sporting events. 

Count on our reliable service. We have many years of experience in the home health care living aid industry, and are confident we offer the best braille tactile timers. You can rest assured that with MaxiAids Products for Independent Living, you are getting high quality products at the lowest cost. Browse our selection of braille tactile timers for the blind above and, if you need assistance, please call us at 800-522-6294 / TTY 800-281-3555.