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Braille Clocks

MaxiAids’ selection of braille clocks for the blind includes braille alarm clocks that sit on your bedside nightstand and compact, portable braille travel alarms that tuck easily in your suitcase or backpack and go with you anywhere. You may also choose braille clocks with pillow vibrators for reliable vibrating wake-ups.

Braille Clocks for the Blind

Our braille alarm clocks for the blind are a great alternative to talking alarm clocks. All models feature tactile braille markings, enabling visually impaired users to tell the time discreetly by touch without disturbing a sleeping partner. Portable braille alarm clocks make handy travel alarms, and braille alarm clocks with bed vibrators give the deaf-blind, hearing impaired and heavy sleepers the confidence of knowing they’ll never sleep through the strong vibration alarm alert. 

Count on our reliable service. We have many years of experience in the home health care living aid industry, and are confident we offer the best braille clocks. You can rest assured that with MaxiAids Products for Independent Living, you are getting high quality products at the lowest cost. Browse our selection of braille clocks for the blind above and, if you need assistance, please call us at 800-522-6294 / TTY 800-281-3555.