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    Canes for the Blind

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    Be more independent, active and mobile with Ambutech canes

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  • Do you have Low Vision?
    Can you read the newspaper?

    MaxiAids is here to help with

    Handheld Magnifiers

    Largest selection of handheld magnifiers at the lowest prices!


    See Better with Electronic Video Magnifiers

    Make Your Print Larger & Easier to See!

  • Your Low Vision Experts!

    Make Your Life Easier
    with Large Print Books & Calendars

    Some of our low vision large print inventory includes jumbo print crosswords, large print bibles, large print dictionaries, large print word searches, and many others.

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Signature Guide - Regular Black Plastic

Signature Guide - Regular Black Plastic

Usually ships within 1 to 2 business days
SKU: 2092333

List Price: $0.49

Our Price: $0.25

You Save: $0.24 (64%)

20-20 Low Vision Pen

20-20 Low Vision Pen

The Easy to Read Pen!

Item is no longer available
SKU: 45520

List Price: $1.49

Our Price: $1.10

You Save: $0.39 (30%)

Jumbo Print Calendar - 2016

Jumbo Print Calendar - 2016

Never Forget Another Appointment!

Usually ships within 1 to 2 business days
SKU: 9032003-16

List Price: $9.95

Our Price: $7.95

You Save: $2 (22%)

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Our goal is to bring you the best products available, including the latest innovations to help you live every day to the fullest! From handheld, stand and electronic magnifiers for those with low vision to talking watches for the blind… from amplified telephones for the hard of hearing to vibrating alarms for the deaf… from blood glucose monitors for diabetics to wheelchairs and walkers for those with mobility challenges… whatever you need, MaxiAids has you covered.

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